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I am a fun-loving girl with a knack for home improvement projects. I like to find the full potential in things, whether it is an ugly, old chair or a plain, white ceiling. I love finding things and making them my own. Having character is important to any home - old, small, new or ginormous! When we were house hunting, I was drawn to the unique characteristics of the houses. We saw everything from amazing fireplaces to staircases to cute little powder rooms. I have to say the best/oddest thing we saw was a basement painted black with leopard & red carpet - not so much! We finally decided on our house because of all its character and charm. It has a beautiful staircase, cute (and tiny!) powder room and my favorite part, a sun room! Ok, that's a lie, my favorite part is probably the upstairs laundry room - a rare find in old homes!

Now that you know a little bit about our home, I will share a little bit about myself. My family is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I grew up extremely close to my immediate family, grandparents, aunties, uncles and 20+ cousins. We always have an amazing time together catching up and dancing! I was so excited when I found a man that loved his family as much as I love mine! My handsome husband, Dustin, and I met back at the University of Kansas (RCJH!), where we went to school. Visualize this: Halloween party, tipsy 80's chick, guy in scrubs and we had calculus class together. Let's just say my hot pickup line was, "Hey! You're in my Calc class!"  I swear we aren't as nerdy as that sounds...even though I ended up as an accountant and he's a computer geek.

In 2012 we bought a house together and I (stupidly) let Dustin, my brother and his friend move into the cute, new house. It went "fratty" very quickly - huge TV, beer signs, leather couch, etc. Luckily, Dustin proposed and I eventually got to kick the boys out. Don't worry, I hired a cleaning service before I moved in! Soon the house was minus guy stuff and plus lots of fun (ok, girly) stuff! Our dog, Teddy, had to get used to the place, but has learned to love it. Since then, we have been working very hard to make it our home sweet home!

Over the past few years, the blog has evolved because my career and life have changed up quite a bit. I started an online shop a couple years ago and that has now grown into a brick and mortar location. On the blog I definitely share more about parties at the shop vs home projects nowadays, mainly because I haven't had time for the home projects with the new store. I will definitely keep it a fun mix and work hard to bring you fun ideas for your own events and home! Thanks for joining the party!

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LOC Team


Helena - Inventory Management
Helena is a young lady who loves to bring out the best in others. She believes in the ability to impact people and share the love of Jesus through even the smallest of interactions, She is a passionate coffee drinker, lover of sno cones, avid book worm, and she appreciates anyone who still finds joy in writing letters. She loves to travel and hopes to knock Australia off her list next! Recently married to Dan, she is loving this whole marriage adventure. With a degree in Marketing and Communications, Helena hopes to use her entrepreneurial spirit to start a small business of her own one day! She is currently leading our inventory management.


Maddy - Event Coordinator
Maddy is a new-comer to Wichita, having recently just finished up school in Nashville. When she isn’t watching re-runs of Seinfeld on her couch, you can find her listening to, writing, or playing music. Some of her favorite bands include Mumford & Sons, Nirvana, and anything in the “dad rock” genre. She enjoys meeting new and interesting people, and figuring out what makes them weird. With her degree in marketing and love of all things fun and creative, she is excited to take on whatever party idea comes her way! She is our Event Coordinator, so reach out to her to book your next party!

Maddie - Weekend Shop Girl
Maddie is a Wichita native and loves all things ICT. During the week, she is a 4th grade teacher at Ortiz Elementary, but on weekends she is thrilled to be helping people shop at her favorite local store: Love of Character. When she is not working, you can probably find her drinking a Thunder Blonde at Wichita Brewery Company or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. If the weather is nice, she likes to spend time on the links and is still working toward a hole in one. She loves to laugh, meet new people and enjoys the simpler things in life.

Rachel - Party Contributor & Past Event Coordinator
Rachel is a St. Louis native who recently left Wichita for a new journey in Augusta, GA. She moved with her husband, two girls, Caroline (3) and Kaia (8 mos.) and dog, Bacon.  Rachel is a yoga teacher with a professional background in marketing and event planning.  She is a lover of pretty things, design enthusiast, avid traveler, embracer of change and believer that sprinkles are always appropriate.

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