Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2nd Birthday Carnival

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a carnival for an adorable birthday girl! My friend Patty's daughter turned two and that mama had the best time planning her daughter's soiree. She had the vision of a pastel carnival and it all came together so well. Thank you Deidre Caswell for capturing the party! Now to share way too many fun pictures...

If you can't tell Patty and the birthday girl, Eloise, LOVE balloons. They were all over this party and made it so whimsical. Patty worked on the table bundles and a couple garlands at home, while we helped with the giant wall piece and added to the food stand balloons. Pastel paradise in there!

Speaking of food stands - how incredibly adorable are these stands? Eloise's grandpa built them and Patty decorated them with printed artwork. They brought the carnival look to life! Plus she had delicious food stations setup on them. If your local and wanting to use, I'm sure you can reach out to her!

Talk about dream party food - Patty thought of all the carnival favorites from corn dogs to cotton candy! She even had perfect cake stands that fit the theme. She didn't miss one detail with this event. For an easy activity, children decorated mini bunt cakes - my child definitely just kept loading up with frosting ha! September Moon Cupcakery made the beautiful cupcakes and mini cake, topped with a glitter 2.

Across from the food stalls, Patty setup an adorable carnival games area. She had bag toss, mini bowling and knock the cans over. Of course they all coordinated with her pastel dreamland and a large circus backdrop added some color to the area, plus made for a cute picture backdrop.

What a fun afternoon soiree and I'm so glad my little one got to join in the fun to celebrate her friend! Patty did an incredible job bringing her vision to life and we were glad to be apart of the fun.

I have a feeling circus/carnival theme will be a big one this year! You can shop this party's cute table settings by clicking here for the Set the Party table. You can also check out our new circus items here.

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