Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Spell Bound Playhouse

Elizabeth's little playhouse needed a Halloween makeover! You can read more about our playhouse  here (highly recommend a playhouse for your little ones! Elizabeth loves hers).We added a couple cute touches from the shop and invited our cute neighbor, Adeline (also know as "Ads" when you ask Elizabeth), over to play. You can go in so many directions with Halloween decor, and we had fun going with a spell, witchy look that was colorful.

Our new felt garlands have been a huge hit, and I snagged the Spell On You one to use as our inspiration for the photo shoot. I love the simplicity and colors this brand uses. Elizabeth and I also made a mini garland because we do love our balloons! I included Elizabeth because she likes to act like she's blowing up the balloons with me and then spilled them everywhere - fun times. Topped it of with a holographic ghost to make it a little extra.

These new Hocus Pocus inspired plates that coordinate with the garland are too cute! Those witches are a holiday staple and their quotes classic. We paired them with the black cat napkins in honor of Binx. Little pumpkins are an easy centerpiece, especially on a tiny table and when littles are around. Why my child tries to eat her pumpkins, I will never understand.

Our little models were too cute and always have a great time playing together. We topped them off with adorable bat hair clips and the mini witch hat. So cute to rock all month! Plus they make such a festive gift. Shout out to Adeline for joining in on our fun yesterday!

Want to shop this party? Check out our Set the Party link and setup below! Plus you can shop this felt garland here. Want a different party setup? Go play over on our website!

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