Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Donut Baby Shower

Rainbow colors and donuts made for the perfect combo at this gender neutral baby shower. When the hosts for this shower reached out to put together a fun shower for the mother-to-be shop girl, Helena, helped come up with her donut dream.

For the table place settings, they used donut plates and napkins as the inspiration. Helena then matched with coordinating colors for the rest of the plates and napkins. These colors then became the inspiration for the rest of the setup.

Paper sprinkles are an easy and affordable way to create a backdrop for a donut party. The rainbow metallic tassel garland brought all the colors together, and was the color palette for the balloon garland added to the backdrop. The pastels mixed together were such a happy combination!

Mini donuts from new donut shop, The Dapper Doughnut, were a cute bite size option for guests. Covered with sprinkles, the adorable cookies by Sweet Sugarlicious matched everything so well! How sweet are the mini donuts on the diapers? A "Mom-osa" bar was a cute play on a classic, and the acrylic champagne flutes were a fun touch for the party guests.

Guests went home from the shower with a little succulent. Such a happy little party celebrating a beautiful mother-to-be!

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