Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentine Wine & Board Tasting

This past Sunday, I was able to convince two local power players in the wine and food world to come together and put together a great tasting. Whitney, from Jacob's Liquor Exchange, is a sommelier and has done some fun tastings for us in the past. Hannah, owner of Boards Wichita, started her business last fall and has been making instagram worthy boards ever since. It was such a great duo, and guests were obviously excited because the event sold out in an evening!

When you are setting a table around one of Hannah's beautiful boards, you want to let them steal the show - they are gorgeous. So, I picked muted blush and golds for the party supplies themselves. When we recently got in the pear plates, I loved them for a boards tasting. The wine bottle napkins, are kind of obvious and so cute. To go under the boards, I did pick a loud, floral paper to accent her boards. Plus, it's Valentine's this week and that calls for girly flowers. We love using wrapping sheets to add pops of color or pattern on tables.

This event was our 9th of the weekend, so by the time we were setting up, we were all a little creatively drained. Luckily, we had this large mini garland leftover from a photo shoot and it dawned on me it'd be perfect for a champagne garland that everyone seems to love. The pinks are so fun for a rosé look, which was the wine we finished with, so it was perfect.

The event itself was so very fun! Hopefully I can talk them both into doing another one soon - would listen to. Boards were inhaled by the guests, and Hannah went around to help explain the contents. I highly recommend ordering one of those beauties for your next shindig!

Make sure to follow along to catch when we are able to put another one together.

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Lots of Love,