Monday, July 15, 2019

Backyard Playhouse

Why work on real house projects when you can do mini ones instead? That was our mindset this summer when we worked on Elizabeth's new playhouse. Back in May I got the urge for a fun project to distract my mind from the million things going on with work (anyone else add more on their plate to distract? Ha - maybe not the best idea). When doing a Target wander, I saw a cute little wooden playhouse back in the spring. Fast forward a few weeks and I decided we needed it. It was on sale and I figured now or never. Plus, it'd be fun to have for the summer instead of waiting until her birthday in October (and we all know she'll get plenty then from family!) Loaded up Elizabeth and off we went on our little adventure. I will link all the items at the end of the post.

KidKraft Coastal Cottage Playhouse
At our Target out West, they had a floor model, which was helpful to make sure it was what we wanted. I knew I wanted to paint it, but liked this one for the style and cute accessories. Plus it was affordable (watch for a sale!) and a good size for her. After loading up the box, we headed to Lowes to pickup our paint. I was on a mission. I picked up the cheapest outdoor white paint option and then grabbed a sample of pink paint for the door (we ended up needing a couple more sample containers because that's what Dustin ended up using on the roof after doing a coat of plastic bond spray paint). First coat went on during nap time and then I had to admit my impulse to Dustin when he got home - luckily, he's more of a sucker for Elizabeth projects than I am. He naturally took over when I went out for a meeting that night.

Naturally, summer schedules took over and we got a little behind on finishing up the playhouse, but this past weekend we finally got it out and put together. It comes as folded walls, so you screw together two sides and then add the roof and door - actually pretty simple. The balloon garland was me being over the top for photos, but when balloons are your thing, why not!

I struggled a little bit on what to put inside the little house. She already has a play kitchen in her playroom, so I decided against that (if I would have done one, Ikea has this great small one). Since it has a cute shop/stand aspect to it, I decided to play off that. I originally thought I would do a table with chairs and a side table to hold the accessories. Apparently I'm not good a dimensions in my head because obviously that was too much! Luckily, the Ikea side table I purchased was perfect by itself. I got cute glasses to make it like a little lemonade stand (Parker Palm Springs inspired of course) and then my mom ended up getting her this fun ice cream set. The lemon stools are my favorite! Perfect size and my bossy child likes to move them inside vs. the outside lemonade bar situation I was going for. To finish off the space and add a little cushion on the concrete, I found this cute striped outdoor rug from Ikea. It is longer than the house, so I folded it in half (thicker that way too). Dustin of course added his tech-y touch by adding a strip of LED color changing lights along the inside of the room - ice cream shop by day, club by night.

The big reveal was better than we hoped and little miss is officially obsessed. She would live in there if she could, and if we aren't outside she's staring out the backdoor asking to go outside. Her favorite part? Ringing the way too loud doorbell - my one complaint of this beauty - I'm sure our neighbors feel the same. We (I) wrote cute letters for her mailbox and it came with a fake phone, so naturally she has been making lots of calls. First play date was today with her little neighbor friend, and I think this early birthday present is one of the best we'll do!

Cost Breakdown:
House $299 (on sale)
Paint ~ $50 (white & samples of the pink)
Accessories ~$60

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Playhouse | Lemon Stools | White Plastic Table | Colorful Glassware | Metal Pots | Striped Rug | Ice Cream Set | Doormat | Lemon Napkins | Daisy Sunglasses & Hair Bow - Shop In Store at LOC | Balloon Garland - Order Here

If you come visit, we now have a guesthouse for you! You might need to bring something to sleep on though.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Shop 3rd Birthday!

Three years, I cannot believe it's been three years since I opened up this colorful corner in College Hill. In June of 2016, we finished up the shop and had our soft opening. It was one of the best weekends of my life. Last weekend, three years later, we celebrated all of the hard work that we have put into making this shop bigger and better! We went all out with decorations and sweets for this birthday celebration.

What comes to mind when you think of pastels and sugar? Cotton Candy! That was the theme of our weekend and we went for it. Pastel blue, pink and purple made up the color scheme and our giant balloon garland definitely set that tone. I picked up this cotton candy foil balloon months ago and was so happy to finally have a reason to use it. Bringing joy was the mission and I think it was accomplished!

The masterpiece of the setup was our floral fringe install we worked on with local florists, Revel Gardens. We built out the fringe pieces on top of our dividers, and then the florists came in and worked in 100 stems of beautiful Delphiniums. Dream backdrop! Shop girl Maddie had her eyelashes done by a fav local girl boss business, Everyday Beaut, so we had to get a picture of her looking fancy!

Birthday treats are always important for a party, and I brought in my power dessert duo. September Moon Cupcakery made some adorable cupcakes, matched perfectly with the theme and she pulled out that fancy stamping trick again. Beautiful cookies by Sweet Sugarlicious brought all the party details to life on cookies - seriously she did the fringe, garlands and cotton candy. She's magical. A cotton candy machine (rented from American Fun Food) was the guest of honor. Definitely recommend renting one if you are making multiple - it was really easy. Such a fun treat! Thanks to my friend Hannah, owner of Boards Wichita, we had edible flowers to add an extra touch. Friday night we did a little happy hour (mainly to practice using the cotton candy machine before whipping up creations for the public) and we had to try some fun cotton candy champagne concoctions.

For children on Saturday, I brought in Just Face It to work their magic. I always love seeing their excitement waiting to get their face painted and then seeing the finished results. They are quick and do such a good job. For parents, I ordered in Le Pens in our color scheme. We love these pens and it was a fun and useful favor for people. 

It definitely takes a team to keep this place running and I was happy to celebrate with most of mine. I ordered in some fun t-shirts for us and they rocked them in style. A couple of the girls were out of town, so we will have to catch them for a picture together soon. My little #shopbaby also made an appearance, decked out in all things Rifle Paper Co. to match the shop. Her favorite thing is to mess up the shelves and run around giggling, shop wouldn't be as fun without her there to boss us around. The ones that I really needed pictures with were busy talking to friends, but I need to give shout outs to my husband and mother. They have both invested a lot of time the past three years to help make this dream a reality. Also shout out to my father-in-law that jumped in to help Dustin with things like the tile and cabinets. Family affair over at LOC!

Cheers to more years!
Lots of Love,

Sunday, June 9, 2019

3202 Venue Opening Disco Party

This spring we opened our new event venue, 3202, and what better way to celebrate than a DISCO!  Opening this venue space was a big step for us and our growth plan. We painted the walls white to give customers a blank canvas and we loved the lightness of it. The floors needed some TLC from my landlord and my awesome husband built the divider walls. In the back of the space, we added a small prep kitchen area.  In the front half of the space, we put in a new balloon bar and moved our party supplies to shelves against the wall (which are covered by the divider walls in these pictures since we used the full space to party). So nice to have more space to display things and more room to party!

To celebrate the hard work my family and team put in to making this addition happen, we decided to invite family and friends to party with us. I had been dying to do a colorful disco. We went all out with color, sparkle, balloons and fringe for this party. I may or may not have based it on an amazing jacket that I found with layers of metallic fringe. We fringed the new divider walls, added a giant chain across the wall (such a fun pop of wow), and adorned all white garlands with sparkly fringe. Luckily, my friend's mom has loads of disco balls, so we were able to add those everywhere to bring in the true disco style. Invitations were made by Cara P Designs, which we carry in the shop (she's so fun to work with!). Photos were taken by my fabulous friend Sally Cavanaugh - captured the space and party beautifully.

For food we worked with some of our shop favorites that kept with the colorful vibe. For apps, I called upon boards master, Hannah with BOARDS Wichita. She made two gorgeous boards - one of each Charcuterie and Crudités. Wendi with Sweet Sugarlious made some disco worthy cookies that danced off the tables quickly. Adorable stamped disco balls topped the fun cupcakes by Cara of September Moon Cupcakery. Lastly, I had to add one of my favorite snacks, birthday popcorn from The Popcorner. Drinks were served by Shaken or Stirred and they definitely know how to keep a party flow going! I have some talented friends in the food and beverage category. For supplies we pulled all things iridescent and added pops of color with new paper glasses we carry in the shop - so dang fun.

Besides playing groovy tunes, I brought in the fun filled Lamphouse crew to setup a photo booth for entertainment. The let me play with a fun balloon backdrop and designed fun photo cards for guests to take home. People were loving it and everyone went home with at least one silly photo. Highly recommend for you next event!

It was such a fun night and I'm so thankful to everyone that stopped by to disco with us! This has been an insane 2019 and it's nice to have little things like this every once in awhile. Since it's been a couple months, I think it's time we party again - I mean, partying is what we do best. This coming Saturday, June 15th, join us to celebrate our 3rd birthday! Saturday morning we will swag bags for the first 10 customers, 20% off one item, face painting from 10-12pm with Just Face It!, cupcakes from September Moon Cupcakery and a fun charity raffle. We wouldn't be where we are today without all of you, so please come help us celebrate!

Interested in renting this space for your next event? Check out the details and contact us here!

Lots of Love,