Monday, December 17, 2018

Cookies with Santa

Christmas season means visits to the big guy in red, and we love inviting him to our shop! Last year we started working with Santa Claus to put together a fun, smaller sized cookie decorating party. Getting time with Santa can be hard for parents, and our goal is to make it easy and less stressful in a smaller environment. We sell around 16 tickets to each event, and try to make them a magical experience for all the littles.

Photo overload! Sorry, but we played with so many fun tabletop combos over the six different events. We used everything from traditional looks to colorful candy looks. I wanted to get pictures of the different supplies we got in this year because there were so many fun options. We also wanted to show how much fun you can have with your tables mixing and matching different patterns and styles. The best part? Wendi, owner of Sweet Sugarlicious, created coordinated cookies! She's incredibly talented. She made a beautifully decorated cookie for each attendee, and then plain cookies that they were able to decorate. 

When the children arrived at the event, they headed over to the letter writing station to put together their Santa letter. If they put it in the "magic North Pole mailbox" they received a letter back from Santa a couple weeks later. During this time, they were also able to get in some time with Mr. Claus. I love that we have a relaxed environment where kids are able to take their time going to see Santa. If they need some time to warm up, they have that. If they want to stay up there and chat his ear off, they can do that. Halfway through the event, Santa read The Night Before Christmas to an attentive crowd. He is so personable and asked kids to help turn the pages, which they loved of course.

We save the cookie decorating until the end (mainly because of the sugar intake haha), and the kids always have a fun time creating a masterpiece. Santa comes around while they are decorating, and it's fun to see their excitement showing off their cookies. Cookie decorating is a classic and always seems to be a hit with the littles. 

Another year, another set of successful Santa events! Thank you to Santa Claus for coming all the way down from the North Pole to make them extra special.

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