Thursday, August 2, 2018

Pumpspotting Mom Celebration

Back in May, when Rachel and I went to market in NYC, we stumbled upon a giant bus with boobs on it. "Barb" the breast express by pumpspotting saved me from having to pump in another cramped New York bathroom stall - big win for a breastfeeding mama! Fast forward a couple months, and my heroes reached out to tell me they were going to be rolling through town. I had to show them love back, and throw a party to celebrate their pit stop! I pulled in my wonderfully talented friend Angela, owner of Wichita Moms Blog, and we planned a mom appreciation event in a few days.

So what is pumpspotting and why are they driving around a bus for breastfeeding mamas? They are an app! A very helpful community app for mamas.You are able to figure out where to nurse on the go, connect with a similar group of moms, look for encouragement and more. They are driving "Barb" across the country to promote their new app and breastfeeding awareness. Head over to the website to learn more. Special shout out to Crown Uptown for letting them park out front of the theater for a couple hours!


Inside the shop, Angela and I worked together to make a special event to celebrate moms. Whatever stage they are in, it was a couple hours about them! The LOC team helped me put together a fun balloon garland backdrop with a mini "Barb" cruising by. Underneath with had yummy treats and drinks. How amazing are the cookies and cupcakes done by shop favorites, Sweet Sugarlicious & September Moon Cupcakery. It's not everyday you get asked to bake with a boob theme in mind.

Thanks to Angela, we were able to treat mamas to some fabulous things! Kendra Scott was there with giveaways, coupons and fun koozies. They are doing amazing things with our community. Salon Brands sent a talented stylist to do dry hair stylists for moms - so many fun braids! As a mom, I feel like I'm lucky if I get to wash my hair, let alone style it. I reached out to my sweet friend Erin, and she came to setup a table with details on her wonderful photography business - Erin Kata Photography. She also captured the event beautifully!

For an activity, I reached out to one of our new fab card lines, Paper Epiphanies. They have a great collection of 4th trimester cards for moms, and they were beyond nice and donated a bunch to our event. Guests were able to fill out a card for us to give to a local breastfeeding center or take one to give to a friend who needed some words of encouragement. When you are going through those first few months with a newborn, some thoughtful and funny words can make a world of difference!

I was so excited to throw together this last minute event, especially once Angela jumped on board, as well as so many other wonderful companies! Truly, I wanted to show this wonderful group of women that started an app for mamas how wonderful our city is. We did that and more! It's amazing how supportive, encouraging and fun our community of moms can be! Thank you to everyone that attended, donated, reached out and sent love. Giant thanks to pumpspotting for deciding to pop in to our town!

Lots of Love,

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