Monday, July 16, 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw a Party!

Post written by shop girl Helena Stephens:

One of my closest girlfriends was getting ready to move to Missouri and I decided to surprise her with a send-off party! I have been wanting to throw a lemon party since I started working at Love of Character and saw the cute lemon paper by Lark and Raven. So, when my friend decided to move to another state I took that sour situation and turned it into a fun lemon party!

I love supporting local so I hosted the party at Miri's Minis - the cutest little donut shop in College Hill. For decor, I had touches of lemon all throughout. The Lark and Raven paper from the shop was my starting point. I used that on each table. Paired with a vase of wildflowers I picked and some yellow daisies mixed in, each table was simple and bright. The party was an intimate group, so each place I set with a plate and lemon napkin from the shop. I also used lemons to assign seats by writing each guests name on the leaf. Lemons are a great, affordable decoration.

The party was a surprise, so when guests arrived, they had time to sign the guest book (frame) and put their yummy recipe in the box. My friend, Sloane, had her eye on the Rifle Paper Co. recipe box at the shop for the longest time, so that was my gift to her!

The food for the party I kept simple. Donuts of course! I also made my grandma's lemon bars, served pastel yellow and white butter mints, fresh veggies and a meat and cheese tray. I served Lemon La Croix and San Pellegrino for lemon-inspired drinks, and bottles of water wrapped in pretty paper for those who preferred!

After lots of great conversation and sweet goodbyes, I sent guests home with fun going-away gifts. Each guest went home with a mini homemade lemon pie and a post card with Sloane's new address already written on it. It was such a joy to host this party and feel all the love given to my friend!

One of my favorite parts of this party was how excited and curious everyone was about their invitation to a 'Lemon Party'! Lots of yellow outfits and gifts with yellow tissue paper showed up!  And Sloane and I even had a chance to debut our Rifle Paper Co. lemon pins!

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