Monday, July 9, 2018

Favorite Job is You Book Reading

Earlier this summer, we hosted author Ashley Flynn at the shop to promote her beautiful new book, My Favorite Job is You. The book is a poem she wrote to her daughter while juggling work and becoming a new mother. It is heartfelt and relatable for moms trying to do it all. Ashley drove down from South Dakota for a small book tour at a couple stops. Having attended the University of Kansas, she has a good friend in Wichita who wanted to help share the book. For the event, we worked with Wichita Moms Blog and invited a handful of working mothers for a special evening.

Delicious cookies by shop favorite Sweet Sugarlicious were served. She is incredible! I sent book artwork her way, and she recreated the cover, pages and accented with beautiful flowers. Ashley was in love and took some home with her to share.

At the event, the moms had some time to mingle over cookies and wine. Ashley then introduced herself, shared her inspiration for the book, followed by a book reading. Afterwards, she conducted a Q&A with a few local moms that work in the corporate world or own a business. It was a great start to an open conversation about being a working mom in today's world. Moms supporting moms was the gist of the event, and I think we were able to accomplish this.

The beautiful book is available in our shop and online. It makes a great gift for new moms, mothers returning back to work, for children of working mothers, and for yourself. I definitely will be adding to our collection!

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  1. The book sounds interesting. What a beautiful party! The cookies is so adorable!


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