Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rosé & Emerald Favorite Things Party

After last year's fun birthday bash, I decided to host another Favorite Things party for my big 3-0. Unlike last year, when I was expecting, I could drink this year, and decided to make the theme Rosé and emeralds. I love the blush and emerald green combination, plus emeralds are the birthstone for May (and let's be honest, I love some Rosé!). I have had some people reach out for details on throwing a favorite things party, so I wanted to put together the details, and share lots of pictures for ideas. If you want to help your group of friends feel like Oprah for the evening, this is the party to throw!

First, you have to decide the look you want for your party - what are your favorite things? Start from there. Mine are pink, green, and Rosé. I found an invitation on Minted that fit my look and I customzied - we offer Minted through the shop, so reach out, we would love to help you order! I begged Mother Nature for nice weather this year, and after a little 5pm sprinkle, I was good to go for a patio party. I knew I wanted to set a fun table, so decided to host a dinner party with the favorite things activity. We brought over tables and chairs from the shop to setup. For decoration, I created a large balloon garland. Garlands make a big impact, and are a great way to incorporate your color scheme. I made a smaller one as a table centerpiece, but the wind decided that wasn't going to work - would be fun for an indoor table.

A while back, we got in this gorgeous new Manhattan collection, and I immediately knew it would be incorporated into my birthday. The emerald watercolor with the blush accent plate is a dreamy combination. We are receiving a restock soon! I paired them with our new blush forks and pink champagne glasses I ordered (designed by a favorite blogger, Sugar & Cloth). For invitation liners and placemats, I worked with one of my favorite artists and friends, Ali Mac. It was the perfect way to incorporate the emeralds.


Dinner I kept somewhat simple by ordering my favorite easy, Chipotle. I did their burrito box catering (comes with basic burritos and chips)  and we cut the burritos in half to serve. It was so easy! Plus, a good crowd favorite. The fun part came with desserts. I called in my favorites, September Moon Cupcakery and Sweet Sugarlicious. How amazing were both with my theme? To start off the evening and greet guests, I had my brother make frosé. It was delicious and refreshing for a warm summer evening.

Now onto the favorite things part of the party! I overloaded you with pictures because I love giving people ideas on what to bring. There are so many great ideas on these tables, and it was so hard to choose what to grab! On the back of my invitations I gave everyone guidelines for the evening:

It's pretty simple, the hardest part is narrowing down what your favorite things are! I went back and forth multiple times. All my items were from the shop (of course!): Volcano candle, confetti pouches and party supplies. My friends brought great items such as books, soaps, beauty products, snacks, wine, and more. We filled up three tables, and people were able to scope them out before the fun began. One thing I meant to add to the instructions: don't wrap the items, and add a tag if you would like a description.

I decided to do three groups with three rounds. I counted people off, and then used a random number generator to decide who would go first. Group 2 was first, 1 second, and 3 last. To make it fair, we then did 3, 2, 1 and then 1, 3, 2. Everyone seemed to have a fun time trying to decide which items to snag. There were moments of rushing, and moments of pondering. Everyone went home with nine items, and hopefully a few new favorites!

Thank you to everyone that came to help me celebrate! Also, special thank you to Dustin, my brother, my mom, and my friend, Paige, for helping me pull it together before it started. I truly love throwing a fun party to celebrate with friends and enjoy each others' company.

Lots of Love,

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