Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Out of this World Photo Shoot

Our new space party collections are out of this world, and we were so excited to work with Sally Cavanaugh on this photo shoot to show them off! We have so many fun supplies in stock, it was hard to choose. Space is going to be a big theme this year. Hopefully this shoot gives you some creative ideas, and also convinces you to purchase a ticket to our space event at the end of the month! More details further down on that.

To bring the galaxy look to life, we picked a few items from our space collections. The space plates paired with the cosmic napkins, were a good contrasting mix. Shiny rocket cups were the perfect addition and added some height. To top off the table, we threw on some festive galaxy confetti - easy way to add color and pattern! The centerpiece is actually the star night light my husband got for shop baby lol, and she was nice enough to lend to us. You can shop our space supplies here.

Party supplies aren't the only space related items we have in the shop! We have cards, art supplies, and gifts. Plus, our Rebel Girls books have some motivational stories about women involved in past space projects and adventures - great book full of amazing one page stories for your kids and you!

The backdrop brought our galaxy vision to life. The base black color was created with rolls of bulletin board paper. We then added glittery stars all over to give shimmers of color. We worked with Qualatex to brainstorm fun, doable ideas. The balloon planets were a combination of color and marble balloons, making an awesome planet look. The giant earth balloon was a hit with the kids; helped that we had a second for them to play with! To frame our little galaxy, we made a black star balloon garland. Both the planet and garland balloons, we can special order for you. In the center of everything, we added our new rocket balloon blasting through the sky!

I knew Wendi with Sweet Sugarlicious would create the perfect cookies. The earth and galaxy patterns she created were magical!


Want in on the cosmic fun?! We have a space event coming up, and it's for a good cause! "Let's Knock Cancer Outta this World" will be in partnership with Sally's LLS Woman of the Year campaign, and all of the ticket sales will be donated - good times and a good cause, #winwin! Plus, the boy & girl of the year will be there to party with everyone. You can find more details on the Facebook event page, and tickets will be going on sale THIS THURSDAY APRIL 12TH @ 8:30PM. We hope you can join us! If not, but still want to contribute, head over to Sally's page.

Thank you to our adorable little astronauts, Sally for capturing the moments, and the LOC team for helping pull it all together!

Lots of Love,

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