Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rainbow Theme Playdate

With Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to host a group of mamas and their little ones for a fun play date! We opted for rainbow rather than green because we know kids love all the colors!

We served snacks on these Meri Meri Rainbow plates and drinks in the Meri Meri Gold Scallop cups; we thought the gold was the perfect accent. Whenever you gather a group of preschoolers, snacks are a necessity! Moms brought treats to share and the hostesses pulled together a festive fruit rainbow that the kids loved.

Our dress up closets were a great ice-breaker as kids arrived and took the opportunity to dress like their favorite character.  Frequent costume changes are welcome (and expected)!

We put together a rainbow craft to coordinate with the party theme. The paper rainbows were easy enough for the little ones to do without full parent involvement and the finished products were so unique!

This group was full of little decorators and future party stylists! The kids arranged, and rearranged, the table settings and backdrop and had so much fun with the Studio Pep Rainbow Balloons. Each child took home at least one balloon as a reminder of the fun.

If you have a group of friends looking to plan an afternoon away from home, give us a shout! We can come up with themed activities and offer some shorter options for weekday rentals!

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