Thursday, January 18, 2018

First Fiesta

With all this cold weather, it was nice to pretend we lived in a desert for the day! When one of my customers reached out about doing a taco fiesta for her son's first birthday, I immediately thought cacti and bright colors. Why not brighten things up at the end of December?


When the birthday boy's mom gave me the reigns on decorating, I thought of a balloon idea I saw on Pinterest a while back - giant balloon cacti! I worked with Rachel, LOC Event Coordinator, and a local balloon rep to make the idea work. We wanted to have a mix of cactus styles to bring the desert feel to life. We filled most of the balloons with regular air, and a couple with helium to get them to stick out to give it a 3D feel. It was a great backdrop to the party!


We have lots of fun cactus themed supplies, and they were perfect for the tables. For the children, we set the small tables with die cut cactus plates, neon napkins and cactus cups. We topped it off with "Fiesta" style confetti, and some mini sombrero hats that I happened to have from a past party. The mom wanted color, and we definitely had some major pops of color! For the adult and dessert plates, we pulled a fun cactus print plate and matched with some die cut cactus napkins.

The whole party theme originated from the birthday mom finding a taco piñata in her closet - who doesn't have one laying around? It's a life necessity. That's her life motto and I'm sticking with it! Plus, everyone loves a good fiesta. The taco piñata made for a fun activity for the party guests. They also played Pin the Tail on the Donkey - party classic. For the party favors, I ordered some authentic maracas and tied on fun thank you tags. We laid them out on a festive blanket she gave us to use for decor.

The party guests enjoyed some delicious Mexican food and finished with some beautiful cookies and cake. We ordered cookies from shop favorite, Sweet Sugarlicious, and they worked perfectly with the theme. The cake was adorable and we topped it off with some cactus candles. There was a little accident when the cake was being carried in that made it a little shifty, but that didn't take away from it's festive style!

Rachel and I had a great time working on this event, and hope we gave the birthday boy a first birthday to remember! Definitely all for a fun, festive theme when things are dreary and cold outside - fun to escape even if it's only for a couple hours!

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