Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cookies with Santa

The past couple of weeks we have spent a lot of time with the big guy in red. We thought this year it would be fun to try out an event where kids had quality time with Santa Claus, and oh what fun they were! We started with two options and then ended up adding a couple more because they sold out so quickly. Our thought was to make it a special time where a smaller group of kids (16-18 at each event) were able to mingle with Santa, hear a story and enjoy some cookies. It was fun putting everything together and seeing our vision come to life!

For the tables, we wanted to go with a fun Santa's Workshop look: lots of Santa, Rudolph and elves! Each child had a festive place setting with tattoos and an elf hat to take home as party favors. We love mixing and matching for table settings, so we played with lots of our Christmas party supplies. Since it was an event with Santa, we worked in lots of Santa supplies. Definitely some fun ideas if you are trying to come up with a festive kids' table for your holiday parties.

To bring the "workshop" look to life, we strung paper chains all across the room. The backdrop was fairly simple with more paper chains, snowflakes and lanterns. We also reused a fun green balloon garland to add a pop of color. Giant ornaments made from 36" balloons added a quirky touch, and we set out a tent (made by local lil' peach e designs) for story time. The wood chairs, I snagged from my mother's house - I love their vintage, traditional look.

Kids enjoyed delicious cookies made by our favorite Wendi with Sweet Sugarlicious and milk to start off the evening. She played with different designs for each event and we loved every single one - so pretty! She also made naked sugar cookies and icing bags for the kids to use for cookie decorating. We purchased Christmas sprinkles, M&Ms and Sweet Tarts for to be used for decorations as well. Cookie decorating is always a fun activity around the holidays!

Besides cookie decorating, we also setup a Santa letter writing station with cards and stickers. It was fun for the children to bring Santa their letters and then put them in the "special mailbox" that connects with the North Pole. Santa also read the children a story, Santa's Coming to Wichita. He is a pretty good story teller! Besides the activities, children also had a chance to sit with Santa, tell him their wishes and get some pictures. When he wasn't discussing Christmas wishes with a child, Santa was up and around checking out their pretty cookies.

Such fun events! Santa was amazing and for the most part, every kid eventually ended up visiting with him (a couple had some pretty good crying pictures as well). We hope that everyone who attended had a good time! We loved hosting you and creating this magical experience for your littles. Even shop baby enjoyed the big guy!

Thanks Santa! Hope we're on the nice list.

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