Thursday, November 16, 2017

Simple Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving dinner calls for festive table settings! Keep it simple by using pretty paper goods. We played with some of the fun items my mother snagged for her kids' table at our family dinner to show you some fun ideas!

Our fall floral plates mixed with the gold foil pine napkins make such a gorgeous combination. Top them off with festive crackers and place cards, and you have a great Thanksgiving setup! We laid one of our gold foil runners underneath - love the kraft paper for a fall look, but the white would be gorgeous too! We kept it simple with a greenish-grey pumpkin as the centerpiece, but you can definitely get creative with this: pumpkins, flowers, turkey, crafts and more.

Need a fun, affordable hostess gift? These Sugarfina pumpkin pie caramels fit the bill! Also, an adorable party favor if you want something fun on your place settings for guests.

Stop in this week and next Tuesday-Wednesday to pickup supplies for your Thanksgiving! We hope you have a fun one and enjoy the day.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pastel Unicorn Party

When Sarah approached us with the idea for a Unicorn party for her 5 year old daughter, we were so excited!  She came in with a few inspirational photos, and we chose her color scheme based on the Studio Pep Mermaid confetti.  Studio Pep’s color combinations are often perfect starting points for party planning.  The result was a LOC dream come true; beautiful, classic, loud and tons of FUN!  These kiddos partied hard, and we loved seeing the smiles on their faces throughout the event.

Sarah requested a balloon garland, and those are so stunning, the other decor can be simple.  On the backdrop, we added an iridescent Meri Meri customizable garland to recognize the birthday girl.  These garland kits are a great party buy because you can reuse for any event following. We sprinkled in Studio Pep Mermaid balloons around the party space to continue the color scheme throughout the space.

We chose striped plates in colors that complimented the confetti and brought some variety to the table.  When done right, mixing and matching brings a fun and unexpected element to party decor! There were 25 little guests so we set out Meri Meri Unicorn Horns for everyone on the tables. These are always a unicorn party favorite!

Sarah wanted a craft to double as a favor and we offered two; a paper unicorn activity and the Meri Meri Unicorn Balloon Kit.  The kits were a big hit and each child took home a stick-unicorn of their own!  Other party activities included Pin the Horn on the Unicorn and Pumpkin Unicorn Ring Toss.

Cheri’s Bakery made the whimsical cupcakes and Sarah added Meri Meri Unicorn Toppers.  The hostesses’ friend made the sweet Unicorn cookies which perfectly complimented the party colors.

This party was a blast!  Hopefully it provides some inspiration for your own Unicorn party, and if you’re hosting here, we now offer the option to add a balloon garland!  Call or email us for more details!  Thanks for partying with us, Sarah!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Baby Hospital Bag

A few weeks ago our lives changed forever, for the better. We welcomed Elizabeth Mae into the world! More details on that little beauty to come. Luckily, I had my hospital bag all ready because little miss decided to make her appearance a week early. I have had a few pregnant friends ask what I ended up packing, so I thought I would share what was useful, what wasn't and what I wish I had...

What I packed for baby:
Layettes - these are great when you aren't sure how long your baby will be, plus easy for diaper changes.
Swaddle - I picked a favorite from my swaddle collection (from Love of Character).
Blanket - a very comfy, warm blanket that ended up being very useful when we had to keep her temperature up (from The Plaid Giraffe).
Hat - Cute if you match with an outfit and important for keeping your new little one warm.
Boppy - Very useful when trying to breastfeed, as well as holding the baby. Love this boppy cover a friend got me from an Etsy shop.
Baby Book - If you want the hospital to put her footprints in your book, make sure to bring it! Also bring a nice pen if you want to start filling it out.
Pacifier/Wubbanub - Not all new babies will use one, but it's handy to have in case you need. We ended up using the second night when she was cluster feeding and needed it for comfort.
Burp Cloths - We carry some very absorbent ones that can be personalized at Love of Character!

What I WISH I had packed for baby:
Outfits with Pant Legs - Elizabeth was a tiny newborn and we had some issues getting her temperature to stay high enough. They recommended putting her in sleepers with legs to keep her warmer. Luckily we live close and Grandma Nanc was able to grab some.
Undershirts - Same reason as above.
Socks - Same reason as above.
Pacifier, Regular - Love our Wubbanubs (pacifier with an attached animal), but they ended up making me nervous when she's sleeping. Better to have a plain, newborn pacifier for sleeping.

What I packed for myself:
Nursing Tank Tops - Purchased a couple from H&M and they were perfect for the hospital and now at home. Ended up ordering more because they are the easiest for quick feedings.
Nursing Bras - Also ordered from H&M. Didn't wear at the hospital, since the tank tops were easier. I have worn them since.
Robe - Easy and comfortable for laying in the hospital bed and it doesn't get in the way when breastfeeding. I found this simple, gray robe from Target and it was very soft.
Large Sweatpants - Make sure you bring a couple pairs that are comfortable and big enough to handle the sexy mesh panties and pads you will be rocking after childbirth!
Flip Flops - To easily slip on when walking around the room and for the shower.
Pillow - Try to put it in a color pillowcase, so it doesn't get mixed up with the hospital pillows.
Nipple Balm
Hair Ties
Tooth Brush
Makeup Basics
Prenatal Vitamins
Phone Charger
Water Bottles & Granola Bars - Mainly for the new dad!
Going Home Outfit - Make sure it's easy to throw on and comfortable.
What I WISHED I had packed for myself:
Breast Pads - Good to pickup the disposable and washable kind. Disposable are useful if you leak quite a bit and you can toss. The Bamboobies (washable) are very soft and feel better when you are sore from breastfeeding.
Shampoo & Conditioner - They only have a bar of soap for you. I meant to get travel sized ones to bring, but didn't pick them up in time, so my mother had to bring my regular bottles.
Towel/s - The towels at our hospital were terrible (scratchy & small), which feels horrible on your sore boobs. I would try to avoid bringing white, so they don't get mixed up with hospital towels.
Pillow for New Dad - They're pillows are equally uncomfortable, so make sure they bring one also.
Hair Dryer - Didn't think about this, but if you don't want wet hair, make sure to bring.

What is useful to have waiting for you at home:
Washed tanks, sweatpants, etc.
Hand Sanitizer
Prescriptions - See if you can get at the hospital or have someone pickup for you. You unfortunately have to take your pain killer prescription to the pharmacy in person. Keep that in mind!
Large Pads & Ice Pads - Make sure to take what you can from the hospital, they are happy to send you home with your leftovers/a few extras.
Pump - If you are breastfeeding, I would have your pump waiting for you at home. I ended up needing one day two and had to have a friend come rescue me, since mine hadn't shown up yet.
Velcro Swaddles - so easy to quickly swaddle them up for bed and safer since they can't unbundle themselves.

Obviously bring anything that will make you feel comfortable during your labor and delivery! I kept it pretty simple, but we also live close to our hospital, so family was able to bring what we forgot.

Wishing you a very quick, easy and happy delivery!!!

Lots of Love,