Sunday, September 3, 2017

Squeeze the Day - Lemon Girl Boss Evening

Every once in a while, I get together with a group of local girl bosses. It's a fun time for us to catch up, idea brainstorm and just laugh! Always needed when you are consumed by running your own business. This time, I decided it would be fun to host the group on my patio. At the shop, we just got in a load of adorable new party supplies, and I fell immediately in love with the lemon products. I honestly hosted these girls at my house instead of our usual meetup up at a restaurant because I wanted to use the adorable lemon napkins and plates - yes, I know I'm silly and obviously love a reason to throw a party. The good news is, the party was easy to put together! I let the supplies be my inspiration and I kept it rather simple.

I went full out lemon with the decor. Definitely a cheery theme because of the bright yellows! I pulled our new die cut lemon shaped napkins, lemon hand towels, lemon small plates, and neon dinner plates. I also used my favorite lemon wrapping paper to snazz up tables. We have so many fun fruit napkins and plates in currently, you could really do this theme with any (cherries, bananas, pineapples and watermelons). Instead of flowers, I purchased some packs of mixed greens from my local grocery store and lots of lemons. Made for an easy and pretty look!

I kept dinner simple and ordered a neighborhood favorite, Ziggy's Pizza. The lemon theme came out with the desserts. My grandma makes a delicious lemon meringue pie, so I talked her into making one for our little party. One of the girl bosses, Sarah, also makes a tasty lemon custard pie and was willing to make one for the night. I definitely had a piece of each and loved every bite! Plus, both pies were gorgeous. Unfortunately we couldn't have them sitting out until we were ready to eat because it was warmer outside. Definitely a plus when you can have your dessert set out for decor. Drinks, I was also able to work in the theme of the evening. I found the adorable sparkling lemonade cans at my local grocery store - the bright yellow was perfect, and they were quite good. Might be my new pregnancy drink of choice when I'm wanting something fun. I also picked up some cans of sparkling rosé by Barefoot, some red wine, and a bottle of the Cupcake Sav Blanc - yes, I picked it because the top was yellow!

Overall, it was such a fun night chatting and laughing with friends. It truly was pretty easy to pull together and doable! Get together some friends, grab some drinks and add some fun tableware to have your own fun girls' night.

Lots of Love,

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