Monday, July 10, 2017

Cross Stitch Workshop

A couple weeks ago, I hosted the wonderful Taylor Fell for a cross stitch workshop. We met through the shop, and when I found out her talent on Instagram, I decided it would make for a great workshop! We planned for a weekday evening and got a great response from a range of ages.

For the setup, I decided to add a fun cross stitch touch using the peg board from Rachel's birthday party. I purchased yarn in three shades of pink to make an ombre affect, and threaded the yarn in a classic "X" shape across and up the board.  It took a little time (about 1-1.5 hours), but turned out fun for a cross stitch workshop backdrop! To speed it up, I recommend getting a yarn needle to use. I forgot to bring mine and it made it a little harder to pull the thread through directly. This would make for a really cute backdrop for a sewing birthday party! Just a thought.

Taylor brought some of the larger cross stitch hoops she had created to add to the decor. Plus, it was a good way to show off larger projects to the attendees. She also brought delicious snacks and drinks for the attendees. Always a nice workshop touch, especially when the class is going to last for a couple hours. Her bright food containers added some great pops of color!

Attendees had the option to choose between a mountain or pineapple pattern. Taylor put together cute kits for everyone that included their supplies, pattern, and workbook to help guide them. She walked them through getting started and then was able to go around and give 1:1 attention to anyone that needed it. A couple moms signed up their younger daughters for the workshop and it was fun to see them working together! Cross stitching is a great, leisure hobby and when you have someone walk you through how to get started, it makes it easier to pickup.

Thank you Taylor for hosting your workshop at the shop! Also, thank you to everyone that attended and made it a fun evening out. I hope you had fun learning a new hobby and it is something you will be able to keep up. If you are interested in a future cross stitch workshop, let us know and we will work on getting one posted!

Lots of Love,


  1. This looks so fun and relaxing, I was sad to miss it!

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