Friday, May 19, 2017

Science Birthday Bash

What kids don't love to experiment and make a mess? Taylor, a birthday girl this spring, decided to take advantage of having a scientist grandmother, and threw an adorable science bash! It was such a fun and unique theme, I was excited to see how Anne, her mom, would pull it together. She invited her classmates and we setup a science classroom in the back of the shop!

When Anne reached out with the idea, the black and white BASH party plates immediately popped into my mind. The composition pattern screams classroom and the squiggles are just a fun old school touch. She matched them with colorful periodic table napkins and I thought the combo was perfect. For drinks, Anne ordered beaker tumblers with crazy straws in multiple colors. Filling them with red juice was a perfect touch.

Experiments require specific lab materials and protective gear. Each party goer received a a new pair of safety googles and a lab coat. Taylor, of course, added a princess crown for good measure! Anne and her mother (aka scientist extraordinaire) ordered the needed experiment supplies, which included syringes, magnifying glasses, paper bags and various containers. To add some color and protect the tables, Anne spray painted tin trays. She also filled beakers with colorful water beads as centerpieces - such a fun touch!

For the big experiments of the morning, Taylor's grandmother walked them through making a foamy slime and creating an erupting volcano! Both things that kids love and definitely kept them entertained. She also added small extras in between to keep them going. The final excitement of the morning, a volcano birthday cake! When you think of kid science experiments, volcanoes definitely come to mind and this cake made by Taylor and her mom did not disappoint...

It was a fun morning, full of excitement for these young minds. I loved seeing a different idea come together. Always great to see a young girl excited about an educational topic such as science and it made it even better that she was able to pull in her scientist grandmother for help!

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