Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dollhouse Tea Party

Catching up on sharing some of our shop parties and wanted to start with this adorable tea party. Lulu, the birthday girl, invited some friends to the shop for a Sunday afternoon tea. We kept the decor simple with pops of color. Lulu's mom, Jen, picked up some blue and white paper plates to match her china tea cups and serving pieces. Food wise, she made some tea sandwiches and picked up fun tea snacks, such as macaroons and yogurt sticks. The party goers arrived and started with their tea party. Tea parties are always a favorite and I love that Jen was able to coordinate with her own china to add a personal touch.

After they finished their tea and snacks, they got to work on their craft activity for the afternoon. Lulu wanted to decorate dollhouses, so her mom purchased packs of our Lille Huset paper dollhouses. We both searched for fun decorations for the girls to use and picked up some peg people they could play with in the houses. Some of the favorite items included: floral fence stickers, bunny stickers, pom poms and washi tape. The girls had a great time letting their imaginations soar. Their conversations about how they were decorating were entertaining and they all left with a house they loved!

After their craft, a balloon artist, Connor from Twisted, showed up for the afternoon entertainment. He started with the birthday girl and then made an incredible balloon creation for every party guest. Each guest was asked a couple of questions to give him direction and then he would go to work. I saw everything from fairy wings to Ariel to monkeys and more. The kids loved it and it definitely kept them entertained. While they waited for their turn, Jen passed out the fluffy pink cupcakes and they were able to continue decorating their dream houses.

It was an adorable afternoon and it seemed like everyone had a good time! I loved that we were able to put them to work on creating something they will be able to go home and play with. The paper dollhouses are a great party favor that work as both a party activity and take home gift.

Thank you for hosting with us at LOC!

Lots of Love,

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