Monday, February 27, 2017

Puppy Paw-ty

A puppy party has been on my list for a while, so when Danielle called me about doing one for her 5 year old's birthday party, I was excited! There are so many cute things you can do and I think we kept the kids busy with some fun activities. We went for a girly look and worked in lots of different puppy touches. Danielle went above and beyond on extra treats, signs and favors for the event, that added some great touches.

Yellow is the birthday girl's favorite color and she loves all things girly, so I thought it would be fun to match up with pink. The combination worked well together and we were able to find fun decor items to work in. For the backdrop, I had one of my fab new employees, Faith, cut out giant paw prints in the colors. Worked well as a fun pop of color against the white! My mom had the genius idea of using our turf backdrop on the floor next to the backdrop, which worked as grass for the "puppies" the girls were adopting. To play up the grass idea, I found miniature white picket fence pieces at Michaels to use as a pen for the puppies. White craft tacky worked well to hold the pieces together. 

For the tableware, I pulled some of my favorite striped plates with scallop edges in yellow and matched with light pink cocktail napkins. I laid out the pink and white striped paper to add some color on the table and used yellow carnations in pink vases as centerpieces. On the tables, Danielle brought some bright yellow containers, striped popcorn boxes and made cute tags. She also used a cute tray to hold tennis balls and bones as a centerpiece on the craft table. I definitely recommend pink and yellow for a cheery party color palette. 

Food wise, we definitely worked in the dog theme. There were "chew toy" licorice, "pup" popcorn, "fetch stick" pretzels and gorgeous puppy cupcakes. September Moon Cupcakery did an amazing job bringing Danielle and my Pinterest visions to life with her puppy cupcakes! They were adorable and judging the smiles on the young girls' faces, delicious. It was such a fun spread and Danielle's additional snacks were an adorable touch to the puppy theme.

Activity wise, we worked out some fun crafts and games for the girls to keep them busy. To start off party, we had the girls work on paper puppies from a kit available at the shop. They were adorable and a cute way to mark their place at the small tables. Then they worked on ribbon collars for the puppies they were adopting. I set out rhinestone stickers, alphabet stickers and velcro for them to use. Danielle kept the leashes she made in mind, and brought rings to add to the collars, so they could clip them on. For photos, they had fun photo props to use (it was entertaining watching the girls figure out how to hold them up). After their crafts, Danielle had some fun games for the littles to play that were puppy related and cute prizes that everyone won throughout.

Lastly, the party favors for the party were a perfect addition! When we started planning the party, Danielle knew the birthday girl wanted her guests to adopt a "puppy" to take home. She found a variety of different small stuffed animal puppies to use. From there, she put together an adorable table of supplies for the guests to put in their doggie bags. She made leashes, bags of fake food and miniature blankets. There were also bowls, bones and balls for them as well. She had the girls draw numbers to create an order for them to choose their puppy. Once they had their pick, they filled out a certificate of adoption and packed their bags. Such a cute way to end the party!

I loved seeing this event come together and Danielle did a great job with the extra touches to make her daughter's birthday a special occasion. Thank you for hosting at the shop and thank you to everyone that attended!

Lots of Love,


  1. Where did you get the fence that is around the puppies?

    1. Apologies for just seeing, but in case you still need to know - Michaels!

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