Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pretty Pretty Princess Party

Playing catch up on blogging about parties from the past couple of weeks and thought I would start with this pretty little princess party! This five year old's birthday party had everything from sparkly cupcakes to actual princesses. Adeline, the birthday girl, invited her classmates and some close friends for the soiree and they all showed up in adorable princess gowns. They were ready to enjoy some sweets and meet a couple princess idols!

The birthday princess' mom, Desi, reached out to one of my favorites, Hannah Marko, to make gorgeous cupcakes for the party. The gold sparkle dusting she added to the cupcakes topped with gold crowns was such a great touch! The other cupcakes were laid out in a princess gown design, great for the party theme. For the other decorations, we added a colorful tassel garland and picked some some fun paper goods. It made for bright pops of color against the white backdrop. 

Once Elsa and Ariel showed up at the party, the little party princesses were in awe. I have never heard 25 young girls so quiet in my life. They were enchanted by their presence and singing! They read books, painted their faces and even had a royal crowning ceremony. The little girls lined up and were individually crowned with mini tiaras. It was adorable! They definitely kept the littles entertained for the remainder of the party.

For the party favors, we stuffed little pink boxes with all things princess worthy. Desi had Caroline with Avery and Grey make some adorable snap clips for the main favor. The cards she put them on were adorable! You can pickup snap clip sets in the store, she just brought in some fabulous new ones! Play jewelry and princess stickers were also thrown in. Great little favors for the newly crowned princesses.

Thank you to Desi for hosting Adeline's party at the store! I hope she and her friends had a wonderful time.

Lots of Love,

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