Thursday, February 2, 2017

Galentine's Party

Every year I get together a few friends for a little Valentine Making Party and the past few years, it has been to celebrate my growing company. I use it as a fun time to catch up with some of my close friends, drink wine and make some fun love notes for their families. This year I planned it a little last minute, so I resorted to using my favorite online invitation service: Paperless Post. I loved the zebra look on one of their valentine cards. Plus, I knew I had some fun zebra balloons I could use for decor!

I always try to stock up on fun stickers, paper and tape for my guests to use. This year I had the advantage of working with some fun craft companies and I was able to get in pretty felt colors, shiny papers and more. It's always fun to see my friends get into it and make some homemade valentines. I will fully admit, I never end up making any, which is terrible. I get to busy chatting, serving drinks and making sure everyone else is having a good time!

I took some inspiration from one of my favorite party books, Darcy Miller's Celebrate Everything (highly recommend), and put together a mini champagne bar. I had fun champagne bubbles, sugar cubes, raspberries and pink marshmallows (which to be honest were more for a pop of pink!). It was a fun way to spice up the bar situation. She also recommended shaped sugar cubes and edible flowers - both would make a gorgeous spread.

Food wise, I called upon my cookie baker, Sweet Sugarlicious, and she made some gorgeous cookies that guests were able to enjoy at the party or take home - love how she bags them for easy take home (aka less for me to eat later, except I still had more than I'd like to admit). For the appetizers, I did cheese and crackers, strawberries (pop of red!), popcorn and M&Ms (my favorite), mozzarella & tomato skewers (wanted to use the heart picks) and Chick-fil-a nuggets. I wanted people to have enough snacks, so they could enjoy a couple glasses of wine! I brought in my favorite Annie Glass pieces from The Plaid Giraffe to set a pretty food table. I also shared some of the new Sugarfina Sugar Kisses I just got in, and they were amazing! I wasn't sure if people would eat many, since they are gummies, but they were all gone by the end of the night. We sell the small cubes, which would make a great little Valentine gift!

Flower wise, I went and purchased pretty pinks and reds that would work for all my Valentine events this past weekend. Garden roses are a favorite after they were used in our wedding, and I have always loved the delicate nature of ranunculus flowers. I mixed them both with hypericum berries for a pop of red. I also used hot pink carnation bunches in little pink pots for affordable centerpieces on the tables. They worked perfectly on the tables and are still going strong! Love having fresh flowers around the shop and my house.

Overall it was such a fun night and thank you to my friends that were able to pop in! Always fun having a girls night to get out and catch up! Hope you are not sick of pink and red yet - there are still a few Valentine events coming up that I'm going to share! Stop in and grab some fun party supplies, so you and your girlfriends can have your own little Galentine's party!

Lots of Love,

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