Monday, February 6, 2017

Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party!

Photo via Jasmin Rupp Photography
Who doesn't love reliving their childhood when planning a party? When the mom of a soon-to-be four year old reached out to me about putting together a Barbie party, I was excited! I was definitely the girl who played with her Barbies until way longer than I'd like to admit. To bring out the Barbie spirit, I decided to play up the pinks and added gold as an accent color.
Photo via Jasmin Rupp Photography

I loved the die-cut heart plates I had recently gotten in and thought mixing them with the gold star plates would make sure it wasn't too Valentines. Plus, there were boys and girls coming to the party, so it was good to mix in the gold. I matched the plates with some fun pink and gold foil napkins and set out pink foil straws for their water bottles. In the hot pink heart treat bags, I found party favors that went with the theme and would be a form of entertainment for the kids. For the girls, I found this fun set of Rainbow Chelsea Dolls I could split out. For the boys, I found these mystery Hot Wheel packs and for the one year old boys, I found some fun Fisher Price cars. The cars were a great favor for the boys to play with, while the girls played with the birthday girl's Barbies. I also added in these sparkly Barbie heart sunglasses and black "Ken" sunglasses for the kids to have fun with.

Photo via Jasmin Rupp
Photo via Jasmin Rupp

For the backdrop, I hand cut out the current Barbie logo from neon pink poster board. I forgot how tricky it can be to cut poster board, so I definitely recommend finding a laser cutter to use if you do the same. I matched the sign with some pink heart and gold star balloons to tie in the plates on the tables. The silhouette underneath the logo worked as both a decoration and party activity. I ordered this cute game off Etsy called "Pin the Bow on the Fashion Doll" and it made for some good giggles. The other activity was on the big tables. I printed off some fun Barbie and Hot Wheel coloring sheets for the party goers to decorate and color. On the table, I added lots of pink. The tightly bunched carnation flowers were leftover from last weekend's Valentine events and the pink on pink look was perfect for this party. I used the extra pink cups to set out the crayons. I added a pink, sparkly table runner and covered it with fun Barbie and pink confetti. The girls also stayed busy playing with the Barbies brought by the birthday girl - always fun to see girls having fun playing with something I loved at their age!

Photo via Jasmin Rupp Photography

I reached out to my friend Hannah (owner of HB Cakes) about doing the cupcakes for the party, knowing she would do an amazing job. I then threw her a curveball and added the request for a Barbie cake - I mean if we were going to do a Barbie party, we needed a Barbie cake! For a first timer, she did AMAZING. I ordered this cake mold kit to help her out. I also ordered a Barbie to use, but she was too long and we ended up just giving her to the birthday girl. Hannah used the torso topper to complete the look. The cupcakes were also gorgeous! I loved the pinks and the cut out logos. Plus, for bonus points, Hannah uses organic ingredients and loves using foods like beets for color dye. Definitely a mom favorite!

Nothing like a little pretty in pink to get a party weekend going! Thank you to the birthday girl's mother, Jasmin Rupp, for snapping some pictures for me to share.

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