Monday, January 23, 2017

Morning Craft & Breakfast - Superhero Capes

I felt like kicking off the year with a boost of super powers at the shop! Last year when getting in lots of fun party supplies, I found some great little capes to use for a superhero party. I decided they would work perfectly for a Morning Craft & Breakfast if I found some fun foam stickers for the kids to use. Plus, I love keeping my craft Saturdays inclusive of boys and girls. Who doesn't love being a super girl or boy? I mean, I'm in my late twenties and still wish I had actual super powers!

To set the scene, I pulled some of our fun superhero supplies. We didn't need plates since it was a one snack situation, but the "WHAM" napkins were perfect. I also wanted to use the adorable banner I had Dixie & Twine make to coordinate with the supplies. To create a backdrop, I used thick, yellow washi tape to make a few lightning bolts. The "KABOOM" balloons were a fun pop of color against the white backdrop and on the tables I laid out their gear. The party masks were a must to complete the overall look!

I love crafts that are open ended for creativity. Some kids made patterns, some put their names, some covered it in all the things. So fun! A few attendees even showed up in their superhero gear ready to take on the day. Once they had finished their cape masterpieces, we tried snapping a few pics. Try telling a kid who just put on a cape to stand still! Not so much, but got a few.

Thank you to everyone that attended! It was such a fun activity and I hope your little superheros had the best time. Our next one is Valentine making! You can reserve your spot here.

Lots of Love,

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