Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ice Cream Pinata Party

I'm procrastinating my blog post on 2017 goals (mainly because I have spent all week trying to get some done!), and sharing the fun details from an ice cream party we had at the shop this week! I was tasked with putting together a party that revolved around the chosen craft - ice cream shaped mini pinatas. Such a fun combo! Plus, the birthday girl's current favorite colors are pink and turquoise - perfect pop of color combo and they work with lots of colors for accents.

For the invitations, I worked with a local friend, Gretchen, who owns an invite company I sell at the shop, P.Ink Creative. We used the fonts from a fiesta invitation she had done in the past and then added a cute ice cream cone at the top. I then used the fringe tape for the pinatas on the bottom for a fun punch of color. We loved the final result and it definitely captured the spirit of the party's theme.

For the table setting, I pulled the plates the birthday girl, Lily, loved when she came in to book her party. Since one of her favorite colors is turquoise, I pulled the aqua striped napkins (not as bright as turquoise, but close and worked well with the plates). I decided to go with one big table setup and I needed some color, so it wasn't too white. I used some shiny, fancy paper I recently got in as small placemats and pulled the ice cream wrapping paper I had for the center of the table. For the centerpiece, I used my recently purchased "YAY" vases from the Oh Joy! collection at Target and added flowers. Good way to work in that pink color she loves! Last touch was an ice cream tumbler we just got into the shop - a needed item for the birthday girl at her ice cream party.

For the photo backdrop, I went with a classic shop favorite, sprinkles! You cut strips of paper in your desired colors and then just tape up in a random pattern. Works great for donut, ice cream, baking and pinata parties! I then added a gold "8" balloon because number balloon pictures have become a fun way to document the birthday girl or boy's age.

Sarah, Lily' mom, brought in adorable cupcakes and cookies. The cookies were shaped like ice cream cones and taken as a party favor. It's way too cold out this week to serve actual ice cream! Each party guest also took home ice cream bowls with cute spoons to match. Great little take home that can be useful and matches the theme.

The party came together and it was so bright and cheery - great way to start a week of tasks such as inventory counting, accounting and redoing our storage area! The birthday girl and her friends were darling and seemed to have a good time. They took their pinata making very seriously and it kept them entertained for a good chunk of time. I love having parties with the mini pinatas because the different fringe colors are a great pop of color on the table.

Thanks for hosting with us Lily! Hope you had a wonderful time with your girl friends. Interested in hosting your next party at LOC? Reach out! Our spring is starting to fill up, so make sure you reserve your desired day soon.

Lots of Love,

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