Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Through the Looking Glass Party

The Friday before Christmas, we hosted a colorful Alice Through the Looking Glass party and it was a fun way to kick off the busy weekend! My friend's daughter wanted a fancy, non-babyish Alice party and Carolyn pulled it off beautifully. She mixed her enamel flower market MacKenzie Child's dishes with some of our Truly Alice paper tea cups, which set a bright and fun party table.

When the young party guests arrived, they walked through a fun "looking glass" entrance to set the mood for the event. They were then served tasty snacks and sandwiches with some fancy punch. Since it was a garden/Alice themed party, we put back up the turf backdrop and then added a couple fun touches for their pictures. She evened brought in costumes from the movie for guests to dress up in for pictures - so cute! It worked out perfectly for a garden feel in the middle of December. Carolyn also wrote up a pretty poster with an Alice quote and her place cards were a whimsical touch to the table - great handwriting!

For the craft, they made blue dream catchers. Carolyn purchased sewing hoops and blue yarn, plus some decorations to let everyone add their unique touch. The were so enthralled with the craft, I was concerned by the silence! Definitely a creative one to remember for future parties. Plus, the items she purchased to decorate them with, worked out as fun table decor as well.

After eating, crafting and playing dress up, the birthday girl finished up her party with a big smile. I loved seeing everything come together and Carolyn did a wonderful job turning the back space into a Wonderland. Great ending to a fabulous 2016 filled with such fun events! Can't wait to see what 2017 has in store party wise!

Lots of Love,

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