Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lindeman Carte Lettering Workshop

This past weekend, a fabulous local artist hosted a "Faux" Calligraphy Handlettering Workshop at the store and it was so much fun! Rachel is the owner of Lindeman Carte, an adorable card, stationery and handwriting line. We sell out of her cheeky cards all the time because the sayings are perfect for life happenings and the style is so pretty and simple. Her workshop, same level of pretty and simple in all the right ways.

The font type on her workbooks was great for a bold statement against the black placemats. I adored the marble pieces for name tags and her greenery on the table was gorgeous. It all worked together so wonderfully and looked like her brand image. We laid out the supplies, which included different pens and markers, plus envelopes, a mini chalkboard and tags. She definitely made the workshop worth the price for her students.

During the workshop, Rachel talked us through the basics of writing and then walked us through her very useful workbook. We had time to practice and she walked around to answer questions as needed. Everyone had fun enjoying some relaxing time writing! After we practiced letters, she got us started on the projects. I loved hearing her pointers, ideas and favorite tools to use.

Thank you to Rachel for coming and teaching this fun workshop! Also, thank you to everyone that attended and I hope that you had a good time learning some new skills! It was a sold event and I definitely recommend people take her future workshops. We will work on getting more on the calendar after the holidays!

Lots of Love,

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