Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dollhouse Holiday Decorating Workshop

It is officially the holiday season, and to kick it off, I decided to have a fun dollhouse decorating workshop at the shop on Black Friday. I thought it might be nice for kids to get out of the house and have something fun to do on their day off from school. After the Dollhouse Birthday Party was hosted at the store, I've been wanting to do a fun dollhouse decorating activity. Holiday decorating seemed to be the perfect match!

Each participant received one of our adorable Lille Huset mini dollhouses, a pack of Mr. Boddington's Santa stickers, and I shopped around town for fun mini Christmas decorations. I loved the little vintage trees, strings of lights and tinsel ribbon. "Peg people" were perfect for them to use as their family in the houses. I told the kids they could paint at home, but it was fun seeing their imagination go to work on decorating them with tape and stickers. We just got in some fun paper chargers at the store, so I also gave them each one to set their houses on. Made it easier for them to carry home. Plus, they could cover them with cotton balls for a snowy yard.

It was so fun seeing their creations! Everyone had their own spin on it and they were all very decked out. One group was a mom, grandmother and daughter, and they emjoyed working on their houses together. The houses will make for a fun decoration you can reuse every year or that the little ones can play with.

Thank you to everyone that attended! Hopefully it was a fun get out of the house activity for you and your daughters will treasure their little creations.They all did such a good job and it is so fun to see their creativity at work. Great way to kickoff the holiday workshops at the shop! Check out our current workshop list for upcoming holiday events and if you would like to make your own dollhouse, you can purchase them in the shop or online.

Lots of Love,

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