Friday, November 4, 2016

Annual Halloween Party

Another year, another Billings' Annual Halloween Bash. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to do a blog post on our party this year. Mainly because I had to quickly turnaround and start decorating for Christmas, so I had put Halloween behind me. However, I decided to do one for myself because I enjoy looking back each year and seeing how we decorated, what goofy costumes we wore and what costume my brother pulled off better than anyone else - you'll see what I mean! Plus, my husband did a pretty awesome job at our outdoor decorations again this year and he deserves some credit.

Also, special shout out to Jax & Co. that let me use her decor items from the Little Shops of Horror event. I had fun mixing them in with my own. I always like to spook out our living and dining rooms to make it fun for our guests. Since it was so nice out this year, we actually spent most of the time on the porch handing out candy. Dustin made his delicious chili and we had some other snacks, plus the usual "Mangria" and potions.

Now, onto the costumes of the evening. I only managed to snap pics of the family, but they were pretty good...

My favorite of the night - Mikey in his Bill Lumbergh get up. Pretty spot on, mug included!

Dustin decided to go as his life role model, his dad! Turned out pretty good, except he couldn't keep the mustache on like Doug can. I went out in true 90's fashion as a Lisa Frank unicorn.

Our favorite trick-or-treater? Super Girl Leni of course!

I mean look at that chocolate covered face! :) She was very helpful passing out candy. Thanks Kelly for bringing her by!

Hope you all had a frightfully good Halloween! We definitely enjoyed spending time with some family and friends and even had the 1000+ trick or treaters stop by again. Thanks to all our party guests for spending the evening with us!

Lots of Love,

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