Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide!

Holiday shopping season is here and we want to help make it easier to shop for everyone in your family! Stuffing stockings can be stressful, but they don't need to be. We have great items that you can stuff or wrap up as a great gift. They are categorized below by age and style. You are able to shop most things in our online store, except for a few (mainly Rifle Paper Co.). Stop in the store to shop everything or shoot us a message and we can help you with the items not available on our website.

Click on the guides to make them bigger...

First up: The Little Ones!

Next up: Teen girls that seem to be so hard to shop for!

Next: MEN! Believe it or not, we have some really fun items to stuff your son's, dad's or husband's stocking.

And finally: The ladies! Send your husband or parents in and have them ask for the guide that suites your style.

Now get to shopping or send these Santa's way! Stop in today and we will happily help you pull together some fun items. You can go straight off the guides or see what other fun options there are for these items. All work great for stockings and for gifts as well. Thinking the teachers and coworkers in your life might a appreciate some things from here!

Special shout out to my wonderful new employee, Lily, who put her skills to work in making these fun gift guides! Thank you so so much!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dollhouse Holiday Decorating Workshop

It is officially the holiday season, and to kick it off, I decided to have a fun dollhouse decorating workshop at the shop on Black Friday. I thought it might be nice for kids to get out of the house and have something fun to do on their day off from school. After the Dollhouse Birthday Party was hosted at the store, I've been wanting to do a fun dollhouse decorating activity. Holiday decorating seemed to be the perfect match!

Each participant received one of our adorable Lille Huset mini dollhouses, a pack of Mr. Boddington's Santa stickers, and I shopped around town for fun mini Christmas decorations. I loved the little vintage trees, strings of lights and tinsel ribbon. "Peg people" were perfect for them to use as their family in the houses. I told the kids they could paint at home, but it was fun seeing their imagination go to work on decorating them with tape and stickers. We just got in some fun paper chargers at the store, so I also gave them each one to set their houses on. Made it easier for them to carry home. Plus, they could cover them with cotton balls for a snowy yard.

It was so fun seeing their creations! Everyone had their own spin on it and they were all very decked out. One group was a mom, grandmother and daughter, and they emjoyed working on their houses together. The houses will make for a fun decoration you can reuse every year or that the little ones can play with.

Thank you to everyone that attended! Hopefully it was a fun get out of the house activity for you and your daughters will treasure their little creations.They all did such a good job and it is so fun to see their creativity at work. Great way to kickoff the holiday workshops at the shop! Check out our current workshop list for upcoming holiday events and if you would like to make your own dollhouse, you can purchase them in the shop or online.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fancy Nancy Tea

Playing catch up on party blogging this week and I'm excited to share the adorable details of Emma's Fancy Nancy Tea Party! Last month Miss Emma invited her party guests for a fancy tea at the shop and we made it floral and all things girly. Fancy Nancy would be proud.

Yes, there were fruit loops in the vase and I love the idea of hanging candy necklaces from a jewelry stand! It was fun doing all the pops of color against the white background and tables. Her grandmother and mother made the adorable cut out garlands and floral letters. Her mother also made a fun floral crown for the birthday girl to wear. For the plates and napkins, she purchased some of our tea party tableware. On the flatware, Emma added a touch of fancy with adorable daisy stickers.

The best decoration? The paper cake made by her amazingly talented grandmother! It was a two tier cake made up of individual pieces. Each little guest took home their piece which included treats inside. So fun! With their "piece of cake", they also took home the Fancy Nancy Tea for Two book and a lipstick pen - so very chic!

The party guests showed up for their afternoon tea and had a great little time! They started with sandwiches and "tea", followed by yummy desserts. That was followed by craft time and they decorated butterfly placemats just like the ones in the Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book. Always fun to plan a party around a book! After that they danced the afternoon away and played games. From all the giggles and singing, I think they had a pretty good time. 

I love that tea parties are popular with young girls! When I was younger I loved a good tea party and always tried to come up with a good excuse for one. Now I get to help set them up on the regular!

Shop the party: Tea Party Supplies

Lots of Love,

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ten Years and Counting

I remember the day I laid eyes on Dustin for the first time. It was my very first college class, an 8am Calculus class, and he walked in wearing a Francis Sporting Goods shirt. My roommate worked for Francis and I was under the assumption that anyone with a shirt also worked there. Not so, but hey caught my attention. That was that for the time being. A couple months later, my pledge mom talked me into going to a Halloween party at a friend's. When a goofy "doctor" walked in, all my silly 80s girl self could think to say was "Hey! You're in my Calc class!" Little did I know my little comment would change my life.

After some light classroom chit chat, I got an old school phone call one night asking me out on a dream date - a KU Basketball Game. Plus he asked if I wanted to "get some, um, food before?" I made him clarify to make sure he wasn't taking me grocery shopping to ease his nerves a little bit. If you don't know me well, I have been obsessed with KU basketball for a very long time. Smart man. Probably impressed him with my obsession. Good thing he had/s one too! The date was great - 23rd Street Brewery, chatted about family, friends, life and dreams, and finished with a winning exhibition game. Later found out his dad was at 23rd Street Brewery that night, but didn't want to interrupt his son on the first date.

Second date, perfect and funny. He picked me up like a gentleman and gave me flowers - a first and I definitely called to tell my mom when he ran into a gas station. We then went to a typical, fancy date restaurant. Went inside and he was trying to figure out getting us a table with the reservation he had made, but it was a cluster. I could tell it was stressing him out because he wanted to impress me. I suggested switching to a simple dinner at Applebees across the street. I could tell he was amused and relived at the same time. We then followed our great dinner of talking with a party with his friends. From there we had study dates, dinner dates and he usually walked with me after class. I got the worst grade I've ever received in a math class and he got his best. Guess I was more distracted and he was more trying to impress!

First Valentine's Day - we look like babies!
I wasn't looking for my lifetime boy right away in college, but man I fell hard. Dustin made me laugh, built me up and believed in me. He made me a better person. We had fun going out and we gave each other space. It was a perfect combination for a new college girl.

Over the next few years, we honestly never wavered. We had fun, went on adventures around the world and I dragged him to a few good date parties. I knew he was the one I would spend my life with. I also knew we needed to enjoy our youth, college and having fun! I loved Dustin for having passions. Some we shared, like KU basketball, and some he had on his own, like soccer. We were able to celebrate some great times at KU. Some of my favorites: National Championship win, studying abroad and getting to show Dustin around Italy, making some amazing friends we still have, and walking down the hill together at graduation.

Haha sadly the only picture we have from that great night in 2008 rushing Mass St.

Such a great date to the disco!

Pretty good Clueless costumes - convinced him to join because Paul Rudd rocks a KU hat in the movie
21 and feelin' fine

After graduation, we headed into the real world. Dustin stayed in Lawrence to work at a doctor's office as their IT guru and I headed to Wichita to start my corporate career. After a few months, I received the exciting news that they were shipping me off to Singapore, and my extremely supportive and understanding boyfriend let me run off to another country again. Luckily, he was able to come visit for a few weeks and we could add a few places to our adventure list: Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Don't worry, we managed to get lost in both Bangkok and Perth. Good news is we found our way and he tried to keep me calm! Made jumping into adulthood a little more fun.

After a few months, it was back to the real world in Kansas. I had managed to get in my big city fix and Dustin managed to score a job in Wichita. It was nice to be in the same city again! He had his downtown apartment and I scored my dream girl house. It was a perfect opportunity for us to have our own spaces, with our own tastes and sharing them with each other. We added a furry friend to the mix, Teddy, and stayed busy with work. On weekends we went on dates, went out partying and kept busy attending friends' and family weddings. Oh and tried to hit up a KU game every now and then!

We then stumbled upon a house full of character in our dream neighborhood. After we made the biggest purchase of our lives, I made the risky decision of letting my boyfriend, brother and his friend move in. That's when I realized I really wanted that proposal! Not just because I was scared for our new home, but because I felt like we were ready for the next step. I definitely dressed up every time we went on a date! Couple months later it happened at our favorite restaurant, Luciano's, and I was the happiest girl in town.

Nothing like a 6 year relationship turning into an engagement to bring everyone together!
We planned a dream wedding that revolved around one of our favorite places, our family, friends and dancing the night away! I married my best friend and I smiled all weekend. Kept up the smiling as we ventured off to St. Thomas for a dreamy honeymoon!

We headed back home and geared up for adulthood. We have had three years of great times, happy times, sad times and hard times. We've each been the shoulder to cry on, cheerleader, and pusher. It's been a great three years because I've been able to face it all with him - the job stresses, loss of loved ones, broken family relationships, baby struggles and more. He keeps me on a good path and pulls me back when I go off course. He's also my silent business partner that has pushed me beyond anything I thought was ever imaginable with my daydreams. Not as worldly, but we have found times to travel and have adventures all over. We have large, wonderful families and have made and kept some amazing friends. We call Wichita home and honestly, truly love it, especially our little square (yes, we are totally guilty of going to the same delicious restaurants all the time). We are both currently working our dream jobs and making our passions a reality - such a great feeling individually and together. It's a good spot to be in, and hopefully in the near future we can figure out this kid thing and bring some into the world to share our crazy lives (and get our parents off our back! just kidding guys, we love you). It hasn't been a perfect ten years by any stretch, but they have been some pretty damn good years. I can't wait for the next ten!

Still have a love for KU Basketball and seriously jumped with excitement when we ran into one of our favs, Russell Robinson!

Happy dating anniversary Dustin Billings! You stole my heart ten years ago with the perfect date and I have loved every one since. Cheers to our future!

Lots of Love,