Sunday, October 30, 2016

Witches Tea

Today at the store we hosted a Witches Tea for an adorable little witch named Priya! Her birthday falls the day before Halloween, so a spooky occasion was the perfect way to celebrate. Alexis, her mother and the head witch of the coven, has some great Halloween decorations which made setting up fun!

My favorite part of the setup was the beakers of "potions." Definitely a fun and unique decor item for a witchy party! Alexis emptied highlighters into water to make the neon, glowing potions. She then added dry ice right when the guests arrived, so they would bubble and fog over the table like true potion - such a fun touch! If you use these for a nighttime party, you can put black lights behind them and they will truly glow.

For the tableware, we pulled some fun items from my Halloween collection. I loved the mix of everything. The bat cups and cat napkins were a fun touch with the cobweb and orange stripe plates. I love mixing and matching patterns for a table setup. For the food, Alexis had cookies and cupcakes made. She also picked up some popcorn that we put in cute black and white striped popcorn boxes. Good little bites for an early evening party. To top it all off, they served a brewing orange potion, perfect for a witches tea.

As the little witches arrived, they were each greeted with a hat and broom (brooms made by Alexis and Priya). Each one had on an adorable outfit and they were so excited to celebrate their good friend's birthday. They started off the party decorating pumpkins that Alexis sprayed with glitter paint beforehand. Then was the tea party portion of the event and the girls had fun chatting over their magic potion. They ate their snacks and then hit the dress-up closets. A usual party favorite.

Overall the party was a success and so much fun! The little witches had a blast celebrating and each one went home with some great Halloween witchy gear. Such a cute idea for a girl born in October whose parents have a love for Halloween!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Little Shops of Horror

Halloween is less than a week and I felt like it was time to get you all into the spirit! Last Saturday night, local vendors got together and hosted pop up shops in the back of the store. Jaclyn from Jax & Co. setup the evening for everyone and did a spooktacular job decorating! It set the mood for the evening and helped to get everyone into the Halloween spirit.

The local vendors in attendance were Jax & Co., a Trinket Trunk, The Wicked Left Hand, Urban Prairie, Snappy Queen Bee, and Mika Holtzinger Art. All local vendors had their own flair for creativity.

You can learn more about them on the website created for the event here.

For drinks, Jaclyn hired Pat from Shaken or Stirred and he did a great job getting into the spirit of things! He sets up a portable bar for parties and is great at making it fit the theme of your party. He came up with a signature cocktail and dressed up as a mad scientist! Definitely worth checking out if you ever need a bartender.

Overall, it was a fun night and it was nice to meet some other local vendors! Definitely good to get out and support other local businesses and entrepreneurs. Hope you found some Halloween inspiration and maybe stumbled upon a new vendor to check out at future local market!

Lots of Love,