Monday, September 19, 2016

Stationery Workshop

My Aunt Mary is in town for the week, so I'm taking advantage! I put her straight to work with a Stationery Workshop yesterday and she had so much fun. Aunt Mary lives for all things paper, hence where I get my obsession from, and has a love for beautiful stationery. A few years ago, she learned how to emboss and has been embossing everything from cards to muslin bags since. She also rarely lets an envelope go unlined. I mean, when you have a major stash of gorgeous paper, why would you?

I couldn't let these talents go untapped, so the minute she told me she was coming, I put two workshops on the calendar. I knew once people learned how all the tools worked, they would love creating their own stationery. There were eight attendees at the workshop and most had never embossed or lined envelopes.

Aunt Mary started with an overview to talk through the supplies in front of them and then the proper use of them. Then she did a couple demonstrations and put them to work. Really, embossing and envelope lining aren't terribly difficult, you just have to know what you are doing to get started. Once the ladies started, they couldn't stop! It was so fun to see their excitement for the new skills they were learning. Everyone did such a beautiful job.

Every attendee of the workshop received the following supplies to get them started on their stationery making adventure:

Embossing Heat Tool
Embossing Powder
Embossing Ink Pad
Note Cards
Paper for Liners
Envelope Line Template Kit

Kind of jealous they get such a pretty heat tool! Mine is bright royal blue with a silly logo. I try to keep you all stylish when it comes to all things paper ;). For the liner paper, we decided to go with some of our Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper since it goes with most tastes. Plus it makes great pretty liners. Not going to lie though, it was so hard to narrow down! All of our wrapping paper would make for some gorgeous liners (abstract paintings, lemons, doxies, get what I'm saying?!). The finishing touch on the place settings was the presentation envelope, an idea I saw on Instagram once. We thought it would be such a great way to add a personal touch. To incorporate the embossing aspect, I embossed everyone's names on before the class. These envelopes are great for storing things like invitations, mail and other important documents. Most of the ladies lined them and it was a dreamy combination. Definitely worthy of some wall space in their offices.

Photos via Sally Cavanaugh Photography
Sad that you missed the class? Don't be! We are doing it again this Thursday evening at 7pm and there are a couple spots left. You can sign up here:

If that date doesn't work for you, we will be doing it again in the future if requested. Might even find time to do a holiday themed one and incorporate gift tags!

BIG SHOUT OUT to my wonderfully talented friend Sally Cavanaugh who took the pictures for us. She is another great photographer in the area (I'm very blessed with talented photographer friends!) and she does great family work. Check out her website here:

Thank you to everyone that attended the workshop. I hope you had the best time learning a new set of skills and chatting with fellow classmates! Lastly, big thanks to my fabulous Aunt Mary (and fellow paper role model) for teaching the workshop. Always more fun to do things with someone else.

For those of you attending on Thursday, see you then! Can't wait.

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