Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shop Monday's Pop Up Shop

Finally found a free moment to share the fun details on a fun pop up shop we had in the store a couple weeks ago. Shop Mondays is a local clothing boutique that is online based and does little pop ups around town throughout the year. The owners, Sara and Olivia, are so adorable and seem to have a lot of fun working together on their business.

The collection of clothing offered in their shop is trendy and the items are easy to mix into your wardrobe. I purchased that cute grey and white stripe dress pictured above and I'm definitely wearing it right now (so comfortable!). Excited to layer it over some black skinny jeans this fall.

The setup was quick and the event area seemed to work well for the racks of clothing. Plus, we were able to turn the dress up closets into changing rooms, which was nice for their customers. They do a good job of bringing in items that share their brand with viewers and the backdrop for the tea party hosted at the store later that day, worked as a cute backdrop for them as well.

If you are a local online business looking for a space to host popup shops, please reach out! I would love to have you. We can work together to setup a good time situation and I of course help promote your event to bring in customers. I know it can be hard to find a space to setup shop for a short period of time that's affordable and I definitely want to help entrepreneurs in the area build their business.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by that day! Make sure to check out Shop Mondays online and to follow them on social media to see where they will be popping up next. Also, make sure you are following Love of Character or are on our mailing list to stay up to date with current events happening in the store.

Lots of Love,

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