Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pretty Pretty Princess Party

 Nothing like a princess party to sparkle up your day! This is cutie celebrated her 4th birthday last weekend at the shop and her mom did a wonderful job decking out the shop in gold and pink sparkles. She had everything covered from the sequin table runners, to the glitter vases to the princess crowns. Adorable.

I love how she worked in crowns everywhere, such a cute idea to put one in the flower bouquet. It was definitely a party fit for a princess. For party hats, I ordered in some cute mini crowns (gold glitter of course!) and for the party favors, she purchased the small air filled castle and ship balloons. Great affordable party favor because kids love balloons and since they are air filled, they last a long time.

For activities, they of course got into the dress up closets - a must for any princess bash! They also had a fun frog prince game. From the looks of it, there was also some major cupcake decorating that happened. Great activity for a party because it involves the dessert and an activity.

I was out of town for the event, but my shop girls for the day (Keeli & Patty) did a wonderful job helping out and getting some pictures snapped (as well as the mom Jenifer - thank you!). I was excited to see how it all came together! The best picture out of them all...

Day made.

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