Monday, August 29, 2016

Emilime Calligraphy Workshop

Event number two of the weekend, our first Calligraphy Workshop in the new space! Definitely had some more room to play with in the shop versus the first one I hosted in my living room (which was so fun, people were just a little closer!). After my wrapping workshop, I decided to give the U shape a try for desks in hopes that people could see and hear better. Seemed to work well and something I'm going to keep in mind. Emilee, the adorable instructor, had fun little place settings for everyone with their needed supplies. Her brand name, Emilime, adds cute touches of limes to her design, which I love!

For snacks and drinks, we did some delicious macaroons and I had ordered an extra small batch of the College Hill Deli hummus. Emilee of course has lime water as her signature drink and I played it up using my chalk board drink dispenser. Made for a cute table, I used the cute marble paint paper goods from the evening before since they went with the art class theme and added a great pop of color. Always nice to have some treats while you are hard at work learning a new skill!

Emilee had her signature workbook for each student and walked them through the basics of techniques, supplies and then put them to work with practice sheets. With the desks setup in a U shape, she was able to easily walk around and help the individuals with their questions and struggles - some letters are difficult!

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully they all learned something new! It is definitely a skill that takes practice and it is so nice having someone to help you get started. Calligraphy can seem intimidating, but once someone gets you the needed supplies and shows you how to properly use them, it can make a world of difference!

Sad you missed this workshop? Don't worry, we will have more! I am currently working on getting some more workshops on the calendar with Emilee: another 101 basics, a watercolor hand lettering class (personally excited for this) and a calligraphy flourishes class (so fun)! Make sure you follow us on social media or sign up for e-mails to stay in the loop on these fun events.

In addition to the Emilime workshops, I have other exciting news: Caddy from Caddy Corner Designs is coming back up again from Dallas for a fun Christmas Calligraphy Workshop! You can purchase tickets now to secure your spot in one of the two sessions we will be having that day. She is going to walk us through some basics with the letters for a refresh (or first go), plus numbers and tips and tricks for addressing your holiday cards - um yes please! So excited to have her back.

Thanks again to Emilee for teaching and to everyone who attended! I loved having you in the store and I hope you enjoyed learning the art of calligraphy. 

Lots of Love,

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