Sunday, July 24, 2016

Piñata Workshop

Yesterday I helped some cute girls channel their inner Lula Flora (mini piñata idol of mine) and we made some fabulous mini piñatas! It was such a fun activity. I loved seeing their creative spirits at work. For the event, I decided to go all out with a fun table setup. Piñatas make me think of bright colors and beautiful messes, so that's what I went for. For placemats, I used the Lark + Raven Gemstone Paper we offer and that became the color inspiration. I added some confetti plates, green striped napkins, rose gold straws and Liberty of London print paper crowns for the table setting (links on the website coming soon for those products). For some additional pops of color around the place settings, I added the cactus tea lights and bright confetti. Everything together was so fun and colorful.

We started the evening by picking out the piñata shape they wanted to make. I have to say I was surprised the donkey was the favorite over the tiara and diamond! Always fun to let them pick. We found our seats and got to work picking out the colors for their masterpieces. Picks were all over the rainbow and they put together some great combinations.

Once they started fringing, they were on a roll and I only had to help at tricky spots. Fringe is forgiving, which is a beautiful thing! They all put their own little touches on them and I think they turned out great. Oh forgot to mention, they stuffed them to the brim with candy. These things probably weighed multiple pounds by the time they were down with them! We used Starbursts and Rolos because 1. they are great individually wrapped candies 2. they went with the color theme - that's what really matter right!?

Once the piñata making commenced, it was time for the pizza partying to begin. I, being the addict that I am, served my neighborhood favorite, Ziggy's Pizza. It was delicious and we rounded out the evening with some fun confetti cupcakes and cookies. Overall, the workshop was a success and all of the girls were lovely. They even controlled their hanger when the pizza was running a little behind. I loved spending my evening helping them with their piñata masterpieces and I look forward to my next workshops (stay tuned on social media!). Thank you to everyone that attended! I hope you had fun.

Lots of Love,

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