Sunday, April 24, 2016

Party Crashing: Cassie's Patio Birthday Soiree!

When your cousin comes in town on her birthday weekend, you go all out to make it special! My beautiful and fun-loving cousin, Cassie, with my aunt and uncle, came to town this weekend. Yesterday was her 24th birthday and you know I love any excuse to throw a fun party! Since Dustin and I put in our fun patio last year, we volunteered to host. It worked out great and the weather was perfect out (well, we could have done without the wind, but can't be too picky!).

Shout out to Dustin for an amazing yard!

For the table, I wanted bright colors with a touch of sparkle. I used the ombre plates, napkins, ruffle gold bowls, gold stripe plates and gold flatware from my shop. The gold and rainbow ombre was a perfect combo, especially for a girly girl outdoor party. Since it was windy out, I put mini water bottles on each place setting to keep the plates down. Unfortunately, I couldn't have a lot out on the table with the wind, but I loved the simplicity of white with pops of color. Of course I had to wrap up her presents using my signature pink boxes and they were great for filling table space. The flowers in the center, I put together using pink flowers and green trick - my favorite filler when putting together an arrangement.

Cassie showed up and was ready to party! I topped her off with one of the new mini party hats from my shop and the Plaid Giraffe girls made her a gorgeous corsage (after spending the day making 100+ for high school proms - power house over there!). She was in Heaven and it was all about her. I poured her a fancy glass of sparkling lemonade and we got the party started. Of course the minute little Leni showed up, things really kicked off. She instantly became Cassie's favorite party guest.

Those two were party buddies all night! After some delicious Ziggy's pizza and mom's salad for dinner, we let Cassie open her gifts. With her party buddy next to her, she ripped right through them and loved them all. I love watching the excitement of someone when they open up gifts and truly enjoy them. Throughout dinner and presents, we of course made the girls do photo shoots and honestly, they are too cute not to share:

Told you they were best party buds! So fun. Presents were followed by a delicious cake made by Grandma Lacy. She, per usual, out did herself and made one in the shape of a rose. I added some "Fancy Pants" sprinkles - coming to the shop soon - for some color. We then topped it off with a heart sparkler, which brought some excitement to the table!

After dinner, we pulled out the giant Jenga for some entertainment. We received the Jenga as a gift from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. He and my father-in-law made it! Great patio game and kept us entertained all night. The first game we went for a long time and kept thinking it would knock over. Finally came down after my turn thanks to the wind. Leni constantly chanted "KNOCK IT DOWN!" with high enthusiasm and fist pumps. She also would chant people's names to add an extra level of pressure.

Overall, the night was a success and I think the birthday girl had a great time. We enjoyed each other's company and laughed all night. I love my family and was happy to host them at our casa.

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