Monday, April 18, 2016

LOC & Caddy Corner Calligraphy Workshop

Last weekend, Caddy and I hosted two Calligraphy Workshops and we loved every minute of it! Caddy and I met a couple years a go through a mutual friend and when she reached out about starting a new calligraphy business, Caddy Corner Designs, my mind started racing with workshop ideas. We had two great groups of students that signed up for afternoon and evening classes. They received a Caddy Corner workbook and starter supplies needed to get their new writing style going.

For the space, I wanted it to feel bright, welcoming and cheerful. We hosted the workshops in my living room, which is a large rectangle, perfect for setting up rows of tables. The first class was a little tighter because we had a couple people switch from the evening session, but everyone sits during the class, so it seemed to work. I purchased simple white tables and slated folding chairs for the stations. For the placemats, I decided to make my own and cut my favorite Lark + Raven wrapping paper sheets in half. Loved the pop of color they added!

To complete the table look, I had the wonderful Plaid Giraffe put together small bouquets in my favorite Oh Joy! for Target cups. They used bright, colorful carnations with greenery for an affordable pop of color. Just the right size.

Food and drink were a must to keep the students happy and relaxed! We served cheese, crackers, fruit and delicious, homemade scones from College Hill Creamery. Another new neighborhood favorite, Monroe Coffee Roasters, served coffee for our guests and we also had wine and fun lemonades. Monroe Coffee is available in our Little Boxes of Coffee Character! For tableware, I pulled some new favorites from the shop. I love how the marble plates coordinate with the gold stripes. The gold ruffle paper bowls look great with my Annie Glass pieces (Annie Glass is available at The Plaid Giraffe). The pink and gold napkins have been a shop favorite and are currently sold out, but more are on the way! They are a gorgeous pop of pink.

I joined in on the evening class and had so much fun! My advice, have some wine! Definitely helped me relax and go for it. You can't over think too much or you'll get shaky or forget the letter you're doing - trust me, that happened! Caddy was a fabulous instructor and took the time to walk around to help people out one on one. Her workbook was the perfect guide to getting started. I love that she has an example of every letter, slant lines and project pages. Plus, she put lots of great tips and supply lists in there for people to reference after the class.

Overall, I thought it was a fun way to spend a Saturday and I'm so glad Caddy and I were able to pull off our vision! She was a great partner in crime for the event and being our first one, I think it was a pretty good success. Sad you missed out? We will figure out a way to offer up the workshop again in the future, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on our latest news!

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