Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bathroom Inspirations

You can see the sources for pictures below and other fun home to do pins on our Pinterest "Home to do" board.

Over a year ago, we started working on our powder room and I am happy to report that we are almost done (FINALLY!). Only a few (lots) of flowers to go on the wall and then it will be completely finished. Pictures to come!

Our next project: another bathroom. This time, however, we cannot drag it out. This bathroom is the main bathroom we use. It is in our hallway upstairs and useful for getting ready because it has double sinks. At some point, one of the past owners of our house redid the bathroom and it was okay for a neutral face lift, but now is ready for a full gut. The tiles are loose and the faux painted counter top isn't our favorite. Our laundry room is also attached to this bathroom, so we will be making over that as well.

Here are before pictures from when we first moved in:

We have some of the items already purchased and a strong vision for the room. I am so excited for it to all come together! To give you an idea, here are the items and inspirations.

Overall Inspirations:

Tile - We want to do subway tile in the shower and slate tiles on the floor:

Vanity - we have found a couple options that we love from Menards because of their clean lines and marble counter tops. We are currently figuring out the size we need:

Lighting - we have already purchased these beautiful sconces. They were a score on One Kings Lane a couple months ago and I love the modern contrast they will give the rest of the room:

Mirrors - A long time ago I stumbled upon gorgeous mirrors that made my jaw drop in an Anthropologie catalog. They were crazy expensive and I knew we couldn't afford them. Fast forward a few months and they were on sale online. I still had a hard time pulling the trigger, until they had an extra % off. Such a good find:

Feature Wall - I found a wallpaper that I love. Wallpaper, however, is not ideal for a bathroom. Plus, my husband is still putting his foot down after removing the wallpaper from the powder room (it is apparently a longer term trauma than I originally thought). I apparently am not traumatized by hand painting the powder room "wallpaper" and think I can do it again with this simple design on a feature wall. I will probably regret this commitment:

Doors: The door to our bathroom is a sliding door and if I can figure out how, I would really like to replace it with something similar to these pretty options:

What do you think? Do you like the direction we are headed? Speak now or forever hold your peace because we are going to start tackling this project the minute we have some free time and Menards has a sale!

Lots of Love,

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