Sunday, February 21, 2016

Party Crashing: Leni's 2nd Birthday Heart Party!

"Are you here for my party!? Is that for me?" Little Leni bug is two (TWO!) and we had so much fun celebrating her birthday yesterday. She greeted everyone at the door with her adorable smile and excitement for more party guests arriving. My cousin, Kelly, and her husband, Corey, hosted the cutest red heart party and I had to share some pictures.

That kid table though? It was amazing. I'm jealous of chairs that are made for children.

For the birthday dessert, Kelly went with one of our favs, Cheri's Bakery. Leni insisted on a pink cake and Kelly got her color way with the adorable tea party cookies. They were both delicious! As for the birthday girl? I hope her wishes come true...

Lots of Love,

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