Sunday, January 31, 2016

Party Crashing: Tea for Two... or 6!

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of crashing the adorable 6th birthday of one of my cutest customers. Hadley and her mother purchased tea party supplies from the shop and put together a party that was fit for a queen! Walking up to their house, I was greeted by a very handsome "butler" (aka her brother dressed very dapper). Then I walked into and couldn't help, but be giddy with excitement. The paper tableware looked charming next to the real tea cups and platters she had mixed in, plus the snacks were adorable and looked quite tasty. Party favor bags, tiny tiaras and feather boas she added, such a cute touch!

I love using real tea cups as vases for a tea party! Great decoration and way to add pops of color if your table is less colorful than this one. Now for the little ones to sip out of you, you probably want to stick with paper to avoid broken glass. This doesn't mean they can't do pinkies up with a pretty tea cup:

Our Truly Alice cups are an adorable way to serve beverages to adults and children. For the snacks, I loved the ladybug cheeses made from Mini Babybel cheese. The petit fours from a local bakery, Bagatelle, looked quaint on our mini canape plates. She also served tea sandwiches cut into flowers, veggies and cookies. It's so fun how a few packs of paper plates, napkins, cups and then a few accessories found around the house can transform a table into a tea party dream!

It was one of the cutest parties I've crashed and I'm so happy I was able to share with you. What's better than dressing up and enjoying tea with your friends at a pink table!? I'd say that goes for all girls, big and small!

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Want to throw a tea party of your own? Check out our supplies here: Love of Character - Tea Party.

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