Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016, We've Be Waiting for You!

Adios 2015! You were bumpy and quite frankly I was over you a while back. Yes, some amazing things happened in 2015 (YAY for starting my own business! and love the new bebes you brought to the world, as well as the happy couples you brought together in marriage), and I hope those are the things I look back and remember. You were also exhausting and definitely dealt some cards that myself and others had a hard time swallowing. I will say though, I learned a lot about the strength of others (friends & family, you truly amaze me!) and myself. I worked hard to accomplish the resolutions I set for myself last year (still wanting to keep those going!) and to be honest, I went through a lot of lip gloss (you'll have to read through to understand)!

Every year has it's purpose and I'm happy to say that you also got me going in some great directions! You handed me new professional goals, both in my day job and in my small business. You helped Dustin and I work towards personal goals, and I will say, we did some kick a** home projects this year, even if they did take the whole year (powder room, I'm looking at you). You showed me that in people's darkest moments, they still manage to find some light to guide them. We said goodbye to great people this year and I hope I was successful in learning something from each of them.

2016, we are welcoming you with open arms! Ready to continue with the positive directions 2015 ended with. I have many goals and I'm ready to work on those starting now. I want to work on myself, on our family, on my career and on my business. It's going to be a busy one!

I started writing out lengthy descriptions to all of these, but realized you all have goals yourself that you need to get going on instead of reading my babble! I will, however, give a couple comments on the items around Love of Character. Excited to say that we are working on growing! We have some amazing new brands to introduce this year and I am working hard on a new website that will hopefully give more opportunity for growing the site. I also have a great charity project in mind that I will definitely keep you all posted on. As for this little blog, I am making you a promise that I will post more. By more, I don't mean pointless, waste of space posts. I want you to be a part of the great things going on in our life and the business' life. I want to share the crazy things we learn while tackling a new project. A new camera arrived this week and I'm so excited to start taking pictures with it! There are some things we've done I will catch up on posting and then as mentioned above, our project for this year is tackling the upstairs bathroom. Oh, and I guess I still have a lot of wall space needing to be hand painted in the powder room. Let's hope powder room isn't still on the list for 2017! ;)

While you are reflecting on the year ahead, keep this in mind and don't put too much pressure on yourself:

We get wrapped up in trying to make everything happen and end up wearing ourselves out. Do things with a lot of passion, but make sure to pace yourself a little. 2016, I have good feelings about you! Cheers to a year of hard work, pay off and some fun!

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