Sunday, December 20, 2015

Party Crashing: Art Party!

When you are 8 years old, your birthday is the highlight of your year. You work hard to come up with a theme that defines some part of your character and you want it to be fun! I was lucky enough to work with one of these 8 year old girls to come up with her party favors or party takeaways as her mother likes to call them. The best part? She had an art party! I always loved having arts and crafts at my parties (still do!).  My goal, make pink boxes full of art supplies that were girly and had a touch of bling.

The party sounds like it was a success and the party goers were adorable. The boxes were filled with a miniature art canvas, paints, art apron, hair tie and plastic paint can filled with M&Ms, topped off with a art lollipop.

Happy birthday Annaston! So glad you party was fun and the takeaways were a success!

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