Monday, October 12, 2015

Patio Party - Dustin's Graduation Celebration

Time to play catch up on life happenings now that the show is over! First thing I wanted to share was the fun patio party we hosted to celebrate my husband's completion of grad school - such a smarty pants! We were so excited to throw a shindig on the new patio and have a night with our family and a few friends. Decorations were simple and complemented our patio cushions, as well as the sunroom guests entered from. That's right, with the new stairs, people could go outside from the pretty sunroom - finally!

I purchased these colorful paper lanterns from Amazon and then we hung them from our cafe lights. Under $10 and added great pops of color.

Furniture set and outdoor rug from World Market. Each summer they release an affordable patio set and for $130, this works great!

Love our acrylic glassware I scored at TJMaxx. After a few drinks, a couple people dropped their drinks and it's great when you don't have to worry about broken glasses!
Now time for some people pics so I can show off the family we love so much!

How adorable is my grandma! My Aunt Mary was in town and we were happy to have her for a party at our home.
Proud Mama!
Dustin's dad and are catching a pretty good sneak peek of the new island! More details to come.
My adorable "niece" (aka cousin's baby) Leni! Can you believe how big she's gotten? She was the life of the party.
Seriously the cutest.
We are so happy that we invested in a big patio for our backyard. It has added a room to our house and we love being able to entertain in our backyard. With the fire pit Dustin put together, we can hopefully have some cozy fall fires out there!

Lots of Love,


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