Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to the Blog!

I cannot believe it's been two years since starting For the Love of Character. Part of me feels like it was just yesterday and part of me feels like it's been around for ever and is a part of who I am. I have absolutely loved sharing these home improvement, party planning and life experiences with all of you. My readers are what drive me to keep going when I've hit a road block. I think "I have to get this done! I don't want to disappoint those who follow me and myself!" I do have to apologize that this year I have been some what lacking on the number of blog posts, but with growing the shop, Love of Character, I have had to choose quality over quantity with the chosen posts. I promise year 3 I will make more of an effort and share the exciting details of everything going on!

This year has been a challenging, stressful, yet rewarding year in my life. My day job has had a lot going on causing me to work lots on interesting and challenging projects. I started an online shop and tried to help it grow while maintaining it to fit into my schedule. My husband and I of course have also been trying to continue with our home projects. It's been a busy year! Let just say, I've been busy building lots of character! You all keep me going. My family, friends and supporters drive me to push myself, get things done and try my best at all that I do. Obviously, at times I struggle (yes, the staying up way too late catches up to me. I'm not a freak of nature who doesn't need sleep like some of you think) and I have to push myself to wake up and go. This blog and my little shop give me so much joy though, I truly enjoy my late nights of crazy updating you and filling your orders!

To celebrate the fabulous anniversary of keeping up this little blog I love having in my life, I want to share some of my favorite posts to recap!

I of course have to start with the room that inspired me to even make this fun little blog, our sunroom!

It is still one of my favorites and I love spending time in there. It was the very first room we redid in this casa and I adore it!

Second up is the Fancy Nancy Party I threw as a surprise 50th birthday party for my fabulous mother! I got back from our honeymoon and pulled this thing off in a couple weeks and loved LOVED putting it together:

Moving forward a few months, we redid our at the time office and that room took our home improvement skills to the next level (from so-so to ok we are figuring out some things). We ripped out and replaced the carpet ourselves, painted the chalkboard wall and configured a small space:

I loved that makeover and at times miss our little space, but I truly love the studio space we have now because it has more space to handle the growing business:

Next up to throw back in some parties, I have to say my favorite are the Valentine's Parties! I absolutely love hosting a party that includes good treats and a craft:

2014 -

Definitely similar styles with the crafty filled tables!

For the next space recollection, I have to share the living room reveal because that was probably one of our most popular redos:

One of the most popular all time posts that I have on this blog is my good friend's bachelorette party! Best part about this party, is that it inspired a whole business thanks to those little pink boxes!

To finish off the trip down memory lane, I want to show the booths I've had over the past year and how the little box business has grown:

Holiday Galleria 2014 - Had a selection of hair ties offered at a friends booth and it was a great first learning experience:

Up next was my very first full craft show Craftacular:

Then a small school craft fair:

And this past month I went back to Holiday Galleria, except on my own!

Each show has had its own learning experience and I have enjoyed the road along the way. If they have taught me anything, it's that I have amazing supporters who make me feel like I can tackle it all!

It's been a great two years and I have learned so much about myself, my limits, home how tos and hostessing. I have loved sharing the journey with you and I hope you continue to follow along. I really do have some exciting things to share with you all coming up and I promise to make time to do so! Check back in for pictures on our finish (yes finished!!) kitchen island, the progress on hope to be finished soon powder room (longest project ever), another fun pop up opportunity for LOC coming very soon and more! Big things are happening over in this casa and I want you all to be apart of them. Thanks again times a million for supporting me on this crazy adventure. Hopefully you have built some character along the way!

Lots of Love,

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