Sunday, September 20, 2015

Front Porch Reveal - Part Deux

A little while back I shared our beautiful new front steps with you and was lost on how to redo the very top step. It is apart of the actual porch, so they were unable to put a thin layer of concrete over it for fear of cracking. We reached back out to E&J Concrete (who did the steps) and they were able to help us with finding a brick layer to finish the top step. We couldn't be happier with the results!

This was the initial before. AH!
This was after the steps were done, but top step was still in need of help.


They were able to cut the bricks to fit the lip of the porch itself, so they are going to last longer and line up nicely. What a difference, right? It is amazing how big of a difference it makes to our curb appeal.

The look is clean and still fits the style of our old home. E&J Concrete did a wonderful job making sure the stairs feel classic and traditional - the curve on the sides of the bottom slab are my favorite part. If you are looking for local concrete work, we highly recommend them. Easy to work with, and they want to make sure the job is done right. They care about the work and are proud to put their name on the projects. The scariest part of our Halloween Party will no longer be the broken front steps!

Photos via me.

Make sure to also check out the patio reveal to see how E&J transformed out backyard! We are having a little patio party this coming weekend, and I'll be taking pictures with our furniture setup.

Lots of Love,

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tea Party Crafting

When I was planning a kid party at my house for 13 kids and toddlers, I needed a game plan for keeping them entertained. Since it was a wide variety of ages, I had to think of a craft that two year old children could handle, but kids a little bit older would enjoy. 

Who doesn't love having a fancy hat for a tea party!? I mean Kate Middleton rocks them like a true Duchess. I figured they would be perfect for some tea party fun. Hats, stickers and viola! you have a tea party craft. I found the adorable pink and purple straw hats for the girls at The Dollar Tree and the "Mad Hatter" black top hats on Amazon. If you look on the shelves, you will also see little tiny hats we used for their teddy bear party guests. Those were found at Hobby Lobby.

Kept them busy for a little while and they had fun helping each other with the decorating. Plus, it is always fun incorporating their dolls and stuffed animals in the craft. Party crafts at birthdays can be simple, affordable and I love how the hats worked great for party decorations.

Photos via Erin Bartel Photography

Every Mad Hatter Tea Party needs hats!

Lots of Love,