Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kids' Parties Require a Mom's Table!

At the fun little tea party we had for the Wichita Mom's Blog contributors, a mom's table was a must! It was a great place to show off some of the other fun party supplies we offer. It was also a great place for a mom to sneak off and grab a sip of mimosa (literally a sip because most glasses were still full at the end). That seemed to be enough to keep these fabulous mama's going!

Photo by Erin Bartel Photography
To add a fun pop of color to the moms' champagne glasses, I added cute paper straws and the festive pom pom picks we sell. Those also worked great for fruit skewers and to stick in food that people can grab. I will give a pointer, do thicker food for sticking the picks in. I did cheese and I cut it too thin, so the picks started falling over. Cheese cubes, sliders, dumplings and other fun appetizers would work great.

Photo via me
The favorite part of the table (ok, besides the champagne), was the adorable Food Truck Street Stall. It works great for displaying food and as a centerpiece. Food trucks are so fun right now on the streets, so why not bring a mini one to your table? The Floral Fiesta Mini Canape Plates work great with it! The truck is reusable for many events and the white board stand is perfect for the menu or hashtag of the event.

Photos by Erin Bartel Photography
While shopping for the event, I found pineapples for 99 cents at the grocery store. Pineapples are obviously a hot decoration this summer and now I know why! So cheap. To add some easy pzazz to the pineapples, I used a gold food spray to shine them up. You can see them in the back corners of the table and the settle shimmer was perfect for the event. Plus, with a food safe spray, you can eat them afterwards.

Overall it was such a fun party and I definitely recommend having a mom table at any kid party. Mine was small and full of fun, all they need! It is also a great place to put things like berries, so the moms can try to control how much their children dribble on their pretty clothes. I think we actually did pretty well with our little tea partiers!

Photo via me
Make sure to stroll over to the shop to check out more supplies! We have fun cups, party hats and more!

Sometimes kids try to crash the mom least he is still a little guy!
Photo by Erin Bartel Photography
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