Sunday, August 30, 2015

Home Studio Reveal

Over the past couple months, Love of Character has been busy busy with orders and I've been working in a crammed space, mainly on the floor. Made for filling orders a cluster. Well last weekend, my mother came over and we got to work on organizing my space! Dustin and I decided it would make the most sense to convert the original guestroom to a work space, and move the guestroom to the smaller room...sorry guests! At least that way, our guests still have a space, and I promise to make it pretty for you. I will admit to you all that I had a couple meltdown moments. One because I felt like a hot disorganized mess; two, because I was sad that all of the hard work we put into the guestroom and office was short lived. I needed to move on, however, and do what was best for the business (and our sanity).

This room is the perfect space for my at home studio! The amount of light alone makes it a brighter place to work. With the bed out of the room, we were able to put my standing work desk in the middle of the room. Makes it much more useful than when it was against the wall. We also had more room to organize my products, shipping supplies and tools. Check it out for yourself...

Scored this adorable yellow stool at TJ Maxx today for $30! It is a smidge high, but good for breaks.

Work table from - works great, but when we were moving it around, it was quite flimsy (aka put it in place and don't move it!) I also had Dustin and my father-in-law build wooden boxes to prop it up to a standing level. Without, it was a normal desk height.

Love having my ribbons on the desk where I can easily pull from. I ordered this holder from Amazon and it is meant to go on the wall, but works fine on a desk. I will say, the bars are not far apart enough to hold two rows of ribbon, but it does work great for holding washi tapes.
The work station I purchased comes with nice built in shelves - perfect for holding pretty legal pads!
With the great built ins we have, my mom wanted to make a mail station (see center section). We also put the snacks and hair tie containers on here as well.  Works as a great storage situation.
The Rifle Paper Co. calendar adds a nice pop and I can check my shipment dates. Also, how cute does my shipping tape looked stacked up instead of in a box!

So nice having the computer and my products in the same room! Makes shipping and printing orders 100x easier. The desktop backdrop is a good reminder for myself - "You can do anything, but not everything"...important for girl bosses to realize! You can find the wallpaper here.

One of my favorite parts to the room, is the new IKEA cube shelving unit. It stores my products, keeps them organized and helps them look pretty.
Last Sunday was brutal and I could not have done it without my mother (she is a tough cookie! which was much needed). It was so worth it. I feel so happy and productive in my new space. The flow is great and everything is right there. Having my work space clear to make the boxes has been much more comfortable then scrunching up on the floor trying to pull everything together. In love and feel more like a girl boss! Now back to busting out more boxes in my beautiful home studio....

Busy working on some Tiny Boxes of Party Character for a wedding next weekend. 
Made some Little Boxes of Bachelorette Character for a Bridal Luncheon - switched a couple items and viola! Look so good on the new table.

Thanks again Mom and Dustin for the help! Also, special shout out to Dustin for finishing his Masters! So proud.

Lots of Love,

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