Monday, August 10, 2015

Girl Bosses

Yesterday, I added a fabulous new box to the Little Box collection called Little Box of Girl Boss Character. It got me thinking, I work with a lot of fabulous girl bosses that are running great little businesses! They have beautiful work, are inspiring and help me to keep my business going as well. I was e-mailing with my friend, Angela, who runs the Wichita Mom's Blog (seriously if you are a mom in Wichita check it out!), and I got to thinking about everything a small business boss has to deal with. That woman raises two gorgeous girls, keeps a house, gets in good family time and managed to start up this great website to help other moms out. She definitely deserves the girl boss title! We were chatting business items between us and then sharing some pointers - best part about knowing other girl bosses. All about sharing the girl power.

Do you have a favorite girl boss you know? I'd love to hear about them and check out their work! I definitely encourage small helping small, girls helping girls. They also don't have to be an owner of a small business; trust me I work with a lot of wonderful girl bosses at my corporate job!

If you are wanting to send some love to one of your favorites (or a birthday gift, or congrats), check out our Little Box of Girl Boss Character! It's full of items that will help them and empower them.

Lots of Love (and girl power!),

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